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Best House for Rent in I-12 Islamabad

The course of life never runs smoothly. Sometimes it seems like a bed of roses and most of the time it makes us feel being on a bed of thorns. But, this is how the cycle of life goes, ups and down and one has to grapple with every odd to brave all these challenges for the d-days in life. One of the tasks that you are up against these days – finding a house for rent – is quite time-consuming and energy-draining. But, since we are here and believe in serving you 24/7 in the real estate sector, you need not worry a bit. This time we have an exciting house for rent in the posh location of I-12 Islamabad – a house that is full of all the modern amenities and beautiful surroundings. 

House Rent Trends in I-12 Islamabad 

Expecting a fixed rent in any area is quite irrational for it changes as per the amenities in an area or as per the facilities in a house. The house here is of high quality and boasts of having all the desired luxuries so the rents would be likewise. To have a rough idea, a few samples are noted below:


  • 5 Marla House with 2 Bedroom and 2 Washroom in PKR ______________ 20 Thousand
  • 7 Marla House with 6 Bedroom and 6 Washroom in PKR ______________ 90 Thousand
  • 10 Marla House with 7 Bedroom and 7 Washroom in PKR _____________ 95 Thousand
  • 14.2 Marla House with 6 Bedroom and 6 Washroom in PKR ____________ 1.75 Lakh

Make sure that apart from the few above, there are scores of other houses with different features and specifications that you can avail of here. 

All about I-12 Islamabad

Adjacent to I-11, I-12 is a new sector in Islamabad that is in the development stages. One of the plus points of the newly developed or developing area is that they are aligned with modern expectations and protocols. Where you would find everything as per the guidelines of modern engineering and resultantly life here with the passage of time does not get disturbed like the old unplanned area. 

I-12 is fast attracting an influx of investors who are keen to avail the opportunity. In here you can have educational facilities in the shape of NUST Creative Learning School, CDA Model School Headstart School - Kuri Campus, etc. Also, you would find serene open areas here and the ambiance in its totality reflects one of calm one. Life here is hassle-free and peaceful!