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Best Flats for Sale in DHA Karachi

The ‘City of lights’ is one of the top-notch residential areas that bring life to perspective when it comes to living a comfortable and modern living. Karachi unlike other cities is the metropolitan city of Pakistan. It is home to people from all nooks of the country. The diversity found in this city is hardly found anywhere in the country.  It is said Karachi that it is heaven for the poor because the job opportunities here in Karachi are numerous and a person living in Karachi never runs short of working opportunities. DHA is the posh area in its heart. Flats for sale in DHA Karachi are of state-of-the-art standard and equipped with modern facilities of life. 

Why to Buy / Sell Residential Flats in DHA Karachi

 DHA Karachi is located in the southern district of the city and it is considered as one of the most expensive areas. Initially, the project was launched to accommodate and populate retired army personnel only but with time, the properties for sale in DHA Karachi became available for civilians. The housing scheme is spread across approximately 8,797 acres and houses about 81,489 members. In terms of basic amenities of life, this society is a very well-managed area and is known to provide some of the best civic, cultural, educational, and recreational facilities in Karachi. You are provided with almost every modern and top quality facility.  

Variety of Flats in DHA Karachi

It has lavish and diverse flats readily available. The flats in DHA Defence Karachi are thoughtfully designed with stunning details like American-style kitchens, tiled bathrooms, wooden flooring, etc. You can easily find a unit as per your size of the pocket— one that suits and accommodates your family size. Apartments here usually start at 2 bedrooms. If you have a bigger family, you can choose from units with 3 or 4 bedrooms. These property units are usually maintained by the owners of that particular building. Sometimes, they charge you a specific amount per month for maintenance. The system of maintenance is regulated with stricket code and therefore has been hunky-dory. 

Sale Price Rates of Flats in DHA Karachi

The real sector in here comparatively paints a different picture as investing in Karachi’s real estate is generally quite expensive. This pretty much explains the rationale behind property prices in upscale areas like DHA. For example, buying a 2-bed flat in DHA range from PKR 45 lakh, in areas like Saba Commercial, to PKR 4.5 crore, in Emaar Crescent Bay and similar areas. A 3-bedroom flat will cost between PKR 72 lakh-PKR 7.25 crore, depending on the DHA location and its size. Additionally, the sale price of 4-bedroom apartments may range from PKR 1.2 crore to PKR 8.2 crore. Nevertheless, these prices are driven by the demand of the market and they change with time. Upward mobility obviously remains growing whereas downward mobility of prices are not possible except that they at times remain constant in face of inflation in the real estate market. 

Safety and Security in DHA Karachi

Security and safety for everyone are undoubtedly the prime concerns and here this concern never exists as the authorities here have devised a system to offer essential utilities. For example, since access to water is limited and difficult, it is supplied by private contractors through tankers. The problem of electricity has also been resolved to a certain extent. Apart from that, security in DHA Karachi is tight under the Sindh Police. Apartment buildings usually have a security guard, for extra safety. In addition to these facilities, there are parks, mosques, clubs, and libraries for residents. Public transport is readily available in Defence. Residents can also make use of ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Careem. Security-wise it is a highly regarded area that is hailed everywhere. Its security has been foolproof from the get go giving it a name that is now synonymous to peace. 

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in DHA Karachi

Educational facilities lime security ones are of top class. some of the most famous schools in Karachi have campuses in DHA, which include the Beaconhouse School System, The C.A.S School, DHA Public School, Foundation Public School, The City School, and Washington International Schools. These are the prestigious schools in Pakistan. 

Moreover, DHA has its own university, called ‘DHA Suffa University,’ which is known for its highly qualified faculty members and carefully structured curriculum. However, DHA residents can also explore other options like Greenwich University in Darakhshan, Phase 6, Themis School of Law near Bukhari Commercial in Phase 6, and Iqra University in Defence View, Phase 1. The defence also houses some of the best hospitals in the city. Some examples in this regard include Medwin Hospital, Boulevard Hospital, and PNS Shifa Hospital, which is administered by Pakistan Navy. The surveillance of DHA by the Army mainly sets it apart from other housing societies.  

Restaurants and Shopping Malls in DHA Karachi

To cater the culinary taste of its residences, DHA itself has so many options for shopping like Forum Mall, Defence Mall, and Zamzama Mall. Other than these three, Dolmen Mall and Ocean Mall are also located nearby, in Clifton. For groceries, you can head to Carrefour, CSD, and Imtiaz. Dining options are endless here. From high-end places to dhabas, the neighbourhood has it all. The most visited restaurants in DHA are Dynasty Restaurant, Do Darya, Café Aylanto, Loco, Rowtisserie, Yaki, and Thyme. The foods of Karachi are of especial attraction to many foreign tourists and known world over. 

Reasons of Investment in DHA Karachi

In view of the aforementioned amenities, DHA features a large number of facilities to offer a grand lifestyle to its residents. It is home to many high-end shops, restaurants, malls, parks, and community centres in Karachi. Living in DHA is like living the dream. However, you need to have a rather flexible budget to own property here. Moreover, it is a high-security area, therefore, you need not worry about the safety of your life or property while living here. Investing in a flat in Defence Karachi might be expensive but it will be worth the effort, and money, as you will have access to all the amenities provided by DHA authorities. Simply put every facility in DHA Karachi is imaginable and practical because the heavy finance that goes into it makes it a reality. Where there is money, there are facilities and you know monetary value is of no significance when it comes to happy living. 

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