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PRIVACY POLICY may gather personal data to give you a customized user experience. Additionally, we could ask you to fill out a registration form or provide us with additional data.

This privacy statement explains how treats both your private and non-personal data.

Let's discuss the data we gather, its intended use, and the individuals who have access to it.


You could be prompted for personal information when using the Website, the Application, or when setting up a login and password to access the Services.

The following information may be included:

  1. Your name and contact information, such as your email address and phone number
  2. Information to help us check and confirm your identity
  3. Location data
  4. Your billing information, money transfer information, and history
  5. Other information we may need from time to time to provide the Services and adhere to Applicable Laws.

You accept and, when necessary, consent to collecting information about how you use the Platform, the Services, and any messages or other correspondence you send to us.

To offer you the Services, we must have certain information. We may have to wait longer or be unable to supply the Services if you do not give such information.

This information may be automatically gathered and utilized by us if you use the Services and visit the Website via mobile technology unless you have decided to remain incognito via your device and platform settings.

For quality control and customer service reasons, calls and texts between you and as well as calls and texts you send to third parties via (like real estate agents you contact about a property via a form or link on our Webpage or using contact details contained on our Website), may be recorded or inspected.


Your information will allow us to:

  1. Give you access to the specific areas of the Platform that are important to you
  2. Deliver the Services you need
  3. Provide you with special offers and other marketing materials that we believe you may find interesting
  4. Conduct customer research and development

Additionally, we may use your data to get in touch with you and ask for your feedback on the Platform, the Services, and our company.

We may also use your data to let you know when things change or develop with the Platform, the services, or our company.


We may collect your private details, including your name, address, and any other information you supply to us that identifies you specifically.

We might also give your information to the following outside parties:

  1. Payment service operators
  2. Organizations that assist us in running our business (such as adverts firms or web hosts servers)
  3. Other parties with your permission (for instance, social media platforms you select to log in to your account with or third-party billing servers)

We ensure that all third parties handle your personal information carefully and per the law.

Suppose we are required by law to reveal or share your information to assert our or associates' rights or to comply with any legal obligation. In that situation, we might use or share the data you provide.

Additionally, we might have to disclose personal data to our parent company, franchisees, affiliates, and third parties (such as real estate brokers that utilize the Website) or when we restructure our company. Normally, personal data will be checked and verified, but sometimes this may not be possible.


To guard your personal information, which is in our possession, against illegal access, inappropriate use, dissemination, unlawful deletion, and misplacement, we have put in place security practices, guidelines, and technical safeguards.

Additionally, we have policies for dealing with suspicious cyber attacks.

When required by law, we will alert you and any relevant regulators or authorities of a potential data security breach.

Your password and any account information must be kept private at all times.

You should immediately update your login information if you are concerned about your password or account information or suspect any illegal use of your profile.


To handle credit card payments, we use a third-party service.

They can use the private information required to execute their responsibilities. They are not eligible to use it for anything else, though.

Your payment information is not accessible to us and is not kept in our database.


When you visit our Website, we can transfer a tiny file to your computer or another device. It is called cookies.

To customize and improve your experience on this Website, we will be able to recognize your computer, monitor how you use our Website, and determine your specific areas of interest.

To collect and store private information, we might utilize cookies.

Although you can enable your browser to refuse cookies, doing so might prevent you from using some Platform features.

CHANGES TO THE POLICY: holds the right to modify this policy when needed. By using and accessing the Platform after we make changes to our policy, you agree to abide by those changes. The Website will have a link to our updated policy. You must periodically review this policy to confirm any changes.