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Best Houses for Sale in DHA Karachi

The ‘city of lights’ Karachi is classified as the economic hub of Pakistan. This city is blessed in many ways when it comes to opportunities that are associated with the different industry and employment sectors. Properties in Karachi is one domain that has been center of attention for years and this focus has gone up with the spectacular advancements in this sector. The magnificent Gawadar Port is very near to Karachi and due to economic hustle bustle there round the season has automatically triggered the rates of Houses for Sale in DHA Karachi. This upward mobility of the price graph is getting higher and higher with time. 

Why to Buy/ Sell Houses in DHA Karachi

Particularly, the real estate industry in Karachi has shown boom at times when other parts of the country were tightly gripped by credit crunch and recession in this domain. This promising nature of real estate in Karachi is a moral booster for us. So, whether it is an apartment for sale in Karachi or a house for rent in Karachi. We scrutinize and analyze the sector of real estate in Karachi on regular intervals and come up with the latest market values and trends to facilitate our customers. We know the significance of a trust building and honest dealing. 

Unlike the other cities in the country, Karachi is famous as the city of apartments, something that sets Karachi apart unmatchablly. Apartments in Karachi make it more of a vertical city of Pakistan. One must, however, be very careful while renting, buying or selling apartments in Karachi as there have been incidences of illegally built apartments in Karachi. A thought-out and informed decision is always a must. 

The insurance of high tech and in-depth knowledge of these markets that is backed with a complete database has been a guiding principle for us because proper documentation is a source of comfort in the long run. We guide and aware our clients about all the blacklisted or illegal properties that are not only endangering the future of the client but also they are doing a great disservice to our beloved country, Pakistan. Such, fraudsters should be brought to day light be made example for the wrong acts. We endeavor our best to provide the kills set to you in order to enable you to buy homes in Karachi without going through too much of a hassle. We believe in quality products and services in the field of real estate then and our team of professional are committed to ensure service, honesty and fair play. 

History of DHA Karachi

DHA, is an acronym for the Defence Housing Authority that came into existence as the result of a Presidential Ordinance, issued at the time when President Zia-ul-Haq was on Chair. This ordinance later got the approval of the National Assembly of Pakistan and finally, in 1980, the foundation of D.H.A Karachi was laid. Initially, the total area allotted to the authority was 35.82 km. Karachi DHA, like all other housing societies, is the perfect epitome of standard and high class living. Living up to the expectations of the modern societies, DHA Karachi brings all the best and top-notch facilities to its dwellers and that is the primary reason people are magnetically attracted towards Karachi. 

Why DHA Karachi?

DHA Karachi is has the honor of being which set the standard for modern housing societies in the country. Starting from 1980, DHA Karachi has lived up to the expectations of people and delivered beyond expectations in terms of providing some of the most invaluable facilities in the country. What originally began as nothing more than a mere housing colony in Karachi quickly turned into one of the most sought-after societies of Pakistan. While there once was a time when the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) was limited to Lahore with but as time went by, the popularity of the society phenomenally stretched it to different cities including Karachi and Islamabad. Now, DHA Karachi is equally best in terms of service delivery and facilities to its customers and the rise is on.

Equipped with all the basic amenities of life, DHA is filled by a plethora of parks, schools, colleges, and modern recreational clubs. As of today, DHA Karachi plays home to well over six lac residents residing in over thirteen thousand residential buildings. The safety and security offered by Karachi DHA is matchless in Pakistan.  It is not only equipped with some of the best hospitals in the city, but also DHA is a web of highways. A well-structured network of roads coupled with newly developed highways connects various parts of the city and the society with each other, making it easily accessible from all corners of Karachi. This interconnectivity further adds charm to the existing glow and luminosity. 

Furthermore, DHA Karachi is the hub of some of the highest profiled businesses in the city along with top-brass market. Things like these and much more make property in DHA Karachi highly valuable in terms of its real estate worth. DHA Karachi enjoys a unique and unusual position as far as Pakistan property is concerned. The city of Karachi has faced major law and order issues. Despite seriously turmoil circumstances, it was shown unprecedented resilience in many ways. on one hand, increasing crimes and conflicts have given a bad reputation to the city, societies like DHA Karachi have offered a safe haven to the citizens. Probably, the safest of place in Karachi. 

Moreover, DHA Karachi, today, represents one of the most sought-after residential societies in Pakistan real estate. For Karachi real estate as well as various other commercial and residential properties located in different phases make some of the highest valued properties of the city. If you are looking to rent, buy or even sell your property located anywhere in Karachi  than undoubtedly DHA is the best place. In this point of time you are lucky to have availed the opportunity because the time ahead would further cause prices to skyrocket. Make a move and earn you possession.  

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