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11.5 Marla house (gray structure) for sale
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11.5 Marla house (gray struc...

Nawna Pind Arainya - Sialkot

Sale Price

PKR1.75 Crore

For Sale

5 months ago

Nawna Pind Arainya - Sialkot

Updated on 29-11-2023

For Sale

2 Marla House Available for Sale in Muradpur Sialkot
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2 Marla House Available for...

Muradpur - Sialkot

Sale Price

PKR45 Lakh

For Sale

9 months ago

Muradpur - Sialkot

Updated on 26-07-2023

For Sale

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Best Houses for Sale in Sialkot

The city is full of real estate opportunities and investment options. Very much like in each metropolitan culture, the requirement for accommodation service increases with more advancement, development, and progress. In case you are searching for a house, real estate in Sialkot can assist you to get in touch with the residential and commercial communities. These housing schemes have a wide array of options from reasonable standard houses to enormous sumptuous homes in an affordable price in the very city. At the point when you are intending to purchase a house in Sialkot, the best housing units that are accessible are on the whole ranging from 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 kanal.

Individuals additionally use installment options in the city for purchasing properties. The costs of houses can increase when the quantity of rooms, conveniences, space of housing unit, and some other office is added. As for the facilities so are the prices. The most famous gated networks in Sialkot incorporate Citi Housing Society, Airport Road, Sambrial, Kashmir Road, Cantt, Hajipura Road, Ugoke Road, Ahmedabad Road, Askari 2, Rangpura Road, Ghalib Road, Defense Road, and a lot more worked with housing social orders.

Prices of Houses in Sialkot

A general trend of a house in Sialkot is referenced beneath:

  • Suppose if you need a 5 marla home in Sialkot then the price may range from PKR 22 lakh to PKR 1.15 crore.
  • An 8 marla house in the city is likely fall within the range of PKR 80 lakh to PKR 2.8 crore.
  • To purchase a 10 marla home available to be purchased in Sialkot, the spending you need is around PKR 1.5 crore to PKR 3 crore.
  • As indicated by the land value drifts, a 1 Kanal Sialkot house is about PKR 1.7 crore to PKR 4.6 crore.

Educational Facilities in Sialkot

Educational facilities are the topmost priority when purchasing a house or land in an area and this facility also defines the worth of the place. People opt for cities where these facilities are easily available.

Sialkot offers brilliant quality academics, schools, colleges, and universities. Some of the noteworthy schools in Sialkot are given below:

  • Roots International Schools
  • City Public High School
  • Allama Iqbal Public High School
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary
  • Allied School Sialkot Campus
  • Mazen Schools Sialkot Campus
  • Sialkot Public School & College
  • Sialkot Model School
  • The City School Iqbal Campus
  • Concept School System
  • Creative School System
  • Roots International System
  • Taqwa School System Model Town
  • Excel International School Sialkot
  • Learning Zone School System Sialkot
  • Rangers Public School
  • Native School System
  • The Balance School

The city additionally has various prestigious institutions that impart secondary, higher secondary, graduate and master’s level advanced and modern education. Some of them are listed below:

  • Superior Group of Colleges
  • Government College of Commerce
  • Islam Law College
  • Sialkot College of Commerce
  • Allama Iqbal Government College for Women
  • Govt Murray College Sialkot
  • Foundation University Sialkot Campus
  • University of Management and Technology
  • Hospitals & Clinics in Sialkot
  • University of Sialkot Kashmir Road Campus
  • Imam Bukhari International Islamic University
  • Allama Iqbal Open University Campus
  • Government College Women University
  • Islam College of Engineering & Management

Moreover the city is also full of modern-day medical facilities and clinical medicines. The medical care office staff is profoundly proficient. The considerable healthcare system is available in the city with some renowned hospitals.

Some of the notable hospitals in the city are:

  • CMH, Combined Military Hospital
  • Children Hospital Sialkot
  • Al-Sheikh Hospital
  • Sialkot Medical Complex
  • Allama Iqbal Memorial Teaching Hospital
  • Memorial Christian Hospital
  • Amina Hospital
  • Leisure Activities in Sialkot
  • Qasim Hospital Sialkot
  • Sulehri Children & General Hospital
  • Syed Medical Complex
  • Bethania Hospital
  • Zohra Memorial Hospital
  • Idrees Hospital
  • Col Azam Hospital Sialkot

If you are planning to permanently settle in Sialkot with family, consider visiting the astounding locations and bet options the city has to bring to the table. Some of them are the best in the country.

Following is the rundown of the multitude of verifiable destinations and fun spots to visit:

  • Qila Sialkot
  • Iqbal Square
  • Baab-e-Sialkot
  • Village Jajjay Sahian
  • Sialkot Fort
  • Haji Pura Camp
  • Sialkot Clock Tower
  • Historical Site of Old Jammu Station
  • Memorial Tomb of Jain Monk Atma Ramji
  • Kingra Road Sialkot
  • Raghunath Temple
  • Iqbal House
  • Allama Iqbal Residency
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Darzian wali Kothi
  • Haveli Thekedar Abdullah
  • Puran Bhagat Temple

Restaurants in Sialkot

A place is incomplete with some yummy eateries (restaurants, cafes) around. Societies are perceived by their neighborhood food dishes. Sialkot has an extraordinary preference for food and option of things to offer to its inhabitants.

Some of the places that offer scrumptious food are:

  • Grill n Thrill
  • Foodie
  • Grandiose Restaurant
  • Mona’s Restaurant
  • Frangoz Fried Chicken & Pizza
  • Royal Taj Restaurant
  • Eat Mubarak
  • Take Awayz
  • Meikong Restaurant Sialkot
  • Mazzeo
  • Subway
  • Grace: The Family Restaurant
  • Chicken Cottage
  • Allah Badshah Fish Corner & Falooda House
  • Sialkot Tea Stall

Individuals likewise evaluate pleasures and cake at different bistros in the city, probably the best bistros include Boissons Cafe, Nitro Delights Cafe, Second Cup, Gloria Jean's Coffees Sialkot, Inayat Cafe, Mazzeo Cafe, Sialkot Cafeteria, Kuku's Coffee, Tea and Cocktails, Coffee Club, MAK Cafe, and some more.

Shopping Malls in Sialkot

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about metropolitan urban communities is the shopping centers present in the city. Like the wide range of various created urban areas of Pakistan, Sialkot is spotted with a few shopping centers.

The Mall of Sialkot and 15 Div Shopping Center are the most well-known shopping centers in the city, they have an astonishing assortment of stores and give family-accommodating food court regions.

Different shopping centers in the city are:

  • QE Central Mall
  • City Centre
  • Sialkot Export Mall
  • V Mall Sialkot Cantt
  • Duran Shopping Mall
  • Sultan Plaza Cantt
  • Yousaf Shopping Mall
  • Kent Mall Shopping Centre

To sum it up, Sialkot offers good houses to live in and is full of modern facilities and amenities.


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