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New Houses for Sale in Swat

To start with, it will not be an exaggeration to say swat is synonymous with natural beauty. In the world in general and in Pakistan in particular you hardly get to see such phantasmagoric natural scenes. It is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, a district in the Malakand division. Population-wise it is the 15th largest district of the province. It has been home to Buddhism and Hinduism in the Gandhara Kingdom and Buddhist remains were there till late. Until 1969, this was the part of the princely Yousufzai State but later in 1969 became the district of Malakand Division along with Chitral. It is surrounded by the Swat River that chiefly is the reason of its natural beauty. Swat in true sense epitomizes the magnificence of God’s creation in terms of natural beauty and divine serenity.

Moreover, this city has seen some turbulent times during 2007 when the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan seized this city and it was until 2009, it remained under their control. However, after the Pakistan army drove them out, this city has been revitalized to its actual charm. The beauty of it truly manifests the comeliness and marvel of God’s creation. Talk of beauty, the lush green pastures, verdant alpine meadows nested by the snow-crusted mountains and the crystal clear water are just mesmerizing. The ataraxic ambiance that is felt here with the profound serenity of body and soul is so refreshing and rejuvenating that one does not want to leave it once here. The rare blend and harmony of nature that is found here is nonexistent anywhere else. Being in very close vicinity of the provincial capital, Peshawar, Swat has seen substantial development. In terms of real estate development, it is not too difficult to guess that such a site abundant in every aspect is bound to make its mark on the investors so it is thriving here.


Houses Available for Sale in Swat

The areas to buy a house here are equally good and cannot be discriminated or it is hard to prioritize. However, it is the area of the house of the facilities that would ultimately determine the price. You would have quite a few options to choose from as the real estate in here is not that big as in the metropolitan cities because of its small size. Since it is a district so choices here are not that varies. Nevertheless, due to its natural attraction more and more people flock to this area that ultimately accounts for the demand of houses. To meet this growing demand many real estate ventures have been set up in the district that provides quality facilities. Some of the localities where you can easily find a house of your choices is listed below:


  • Mingora
  • Kalam
  • Saidu Sharif
  • Kanju Township
  • Bahrain Road

Sale Price Trends of Houses in Swat

When it comes to prices, firstly the prices here are a bit high owing to its natural milieu and secondly, there is not many options in terms of reals estate investors. It is mainly the competition between the investors that not only makes them entice in prices to attract the customers but also makes them strive for better facilities. Unlike the gated communities established by household real estate names, here you would find small ventures by individuals. Some of the cottages here are quite remarkable and have been built with a unique design and taste. So, it is not possible to assign a price tag with surety, however, a rough estimation on the basis of general observation can be listed. So below are just a glimpse of some of the prices of houses:


  • 5 Marla in PKR _______________ 70 lakh (Mingora)
  • 6 Marla in PKR _________________ 1.25 crore (Pine View Cottage, Kalam)
  • 6 Marla in PKR _________________ 1.25 crore (Pine View)
  • 7 Mral in PKR _______________ 3.5 crore (Saidu Sharif)


Educational and Healthcare Facilities in Swat

Educationally, swat is quite rich in facilities. It has some good schools and colleges that impart quality education. With time facilities of education are being provided in this district as per the demands and needs of the time. Some of the names of educational institutions are; Sang School, Burn Hall School and College, Beacon House School System, The City Schools, Swat English Medium School, Swat Model School etc. and some of the college's Cadet College, Excelsior College,  UAE PAP Govt Post Graduate College, Pak-Swiss Technical College etc.  Moreover, in terms of higher education University of Swat, CBM Campus Swat, and the University of Swat for Science and Technology.

Furthermore, when we talk of healthcare facilities, Swat offers the facilities of Royal Imperial Hospital, Swat Medical Complex, Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, THQ Hospital, Roshan Specialized Hospital etc. Also, there are other private clinics and pharmaceutical facilities in the district. So basically you need not worry about health-related facilities once in Swat. 

Why Should You be Buying House in Swat?

One of the salient features of Swat is its natural scenery and also its well-managed infrastructure. The Swat motorway is one that provides the best traveling experience that not only connects you with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but also with the adjacent cities like the federal capital Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Malam Jabba is known for its best destination for sky resorting and receives a multitude of tourists around the year.

The districts and localities that are adjacent to Swat are of course share the same milieu and climatic conditions and topology so they too are equally mesmerizing. If you are a nature lover and love trekking and hiking then there is no other place than this to take an occasional walk in your leisure time. All the surrounding areas are full of beauty that arrest one in their spell-binding aura and feel the calmness from the heart. In the world of material pursuits, their natural scenes and their company is obviously a blessing that not only refreshes one’s body but the soul as well. So better to make your mind time and grab the opportunity before it is too late.

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