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Houses For Sale in Toba Tek Singh

Toba Tek Sing is a city in the Punjab province and the capital of Toba Tek Sing district. A city that is rich in history and has a great potential for real estate business. About the name of the city, it is said that a Sikh religious figure used to serve water and shelter to the exhausted and thirty travelers.  His name was Tek Sing and Toba means pound so, later this city came to be known as Toba Tek Sing. From this, it must also be clear that this city in the bygones has been home to Sikhism and has many historical accounts hidden in its lap. Toba Tek Singh in recent times has witnessed a growing wave of urbanization and development with some standardized facilities for living.

 Basically, it was in the British era in the nineteenth century that the city got populous people flocking from other areas due to the construction of the channel system here. The boom in the irrigation system attracted people from both sides of Punjab – Pakistan, and India. You can well imagine its importance the fact that people from areas like Lahore preferred living here, so than this development and progress has not exhausted although it has certainly become a little slow. Unlike, Lahore which is a total urban center, Toba Tek Sing is more of an agrarian city. In the center, you would have commercialism but at the peripheries, people are more into agriculture and there is a reason to it because of its fertility for such a venture. The fast shift from rural life to urbanization has accounted for the multiplicity of real estate businesses in the city with some up to the mark facilities. 

Houses Available for Sale in Toba Tek Singh

When it comes to availability of Houses in Toba Tek Singh, although you would not find the giants of real estate actors as in metropolises yet the growing trend for property in the city has given a nudge to the local and indigenously-led hosing societies and individual ventures to fill the vacuum. There is no denying to the fact that in the world of today real estate sector is fast becoming the most profitable and lucrative businesses, so more people seen to be taking up this option that is why you would witness multiple small ventures in this city. The localities and the facilities are what truly define the worth and price trends in these areas. Generally speaking, the prices in Toba Tek Sing as compared to other cities is quite affordable and down below are some of the areas where you can easily find a house of your choice:

  • Shalimar Town
  • Canal Road
  • Chichawatni to Rajana Road
  • Park City
  • Shoorkot Road
  • New Islampura
  • Muhammadpura
  • Allama Iqbal Road
  • Police Lines

Sale Price Trends in Toba Tek Singh

 The volatility of prices in real estate sector is an undeniable fact. You would seldom witness constancy in prices but there is never a nosedive no matter what. It is said that property is perhaps amongst the rarest things that do not lose their value at any time but rather maintain their market value in the starkest of circumstances. So there is absolutely no point is assigning a fix price tag to the houses or property here but one can only talk in terms of closest approximation. So, in order to give you just a glimpse of the prices trends, a small list is under-mentioned:

  • 3 Marla in PKR ____________________25 to 45 lac
  • 5 Marla in PKR ____________________40 to 80 lac
  • 6 Marla in PKR __________________ 50 to 1.5 crore
  • 10 Marla in PKR ___________________ 60 to 1.6 crore

Healthcare and Educational Facilities in Toba Tek Singh

The yardstick for development and progress in today’s world is undoubtedly education and the healthcare system. These are the educational institution that prepare the future scientists, engineers, academia, doctors, lawyers, leaders, and intelligentsia so, the matrix is simply the better the educational facilities, the better is the product in terms of all the aforementioned personalities. More importantly, the ultimate result is what we call progress and prosperity. So quality education is indispensable. In this vein, Toba Tek Sing has schools like the Smart School, Convent of Jesus and Marry School, Govt School for Boys and Girls, Punjab Maktab, Al-Ain Public School etc. and colleges like Punjab College, Superior College, Govt Post Graduate College, Vocational Training Institute, Salim Habib Educational Complex, the National College. Also, for higher education, the city has universities in the like of University of Agriculture Faisalabad campus, Virtual University Campus, and few others.

Moreover, given the pandemic, healthcare is also one of the major concerns when buying a house.  So, Toba Tek Sigh in this regard offers the facilities of District Headquarter Hospital, Habib Memorial Hospital, Darulshifa Hospital, Kulsoom Hospital and few other private clinics. These hospitals cater all the major and minor ailments except for cancer. So you need not worry about the health facilities in Toba Tek Sing.

Why Should You be Buying House in Toba Tek Sing?

“Health is wealth” as they say and this is perhaps very true because what we do in life is futile if our health is deteriorating.  One can relish the bounties only if he/she enjoys good health. So, apart from the congenial atmosphere and climate, the thing that is essentially good for health and is found here is mango in particular and fruits in general. This city is famous for the production of mangoes which are exported to other countries as well. Also, it is home of some of the best fruits in the country. If you are provided with the freshest fruit from the orchard what else do you want? A house with an orchard is a lifetime blessing and even if you buy a house and plant a few fruit trees on your own within a year or two you would have an orchard of your own to enjoy the fresh fruits. So, everything here is perfectly suitable for living. Reserve your house and live a quality time in Toba Tek Sing.

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