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Commercial or Residential Plots for Sale in Zaraj Housing Society Islamabad

Commercial or Residential Plots for Sale in Zaraj Housing Scheme Islamabad 

The course of life never runs smooth; it makes us go through various vicissitudes in different phases of our life. With flower there is a thorn, likewise where there is elation, there is woe. Where there is peak time, there is low time. So simply put, life is a journey of ups and downs. The sagacious among the men are those who tackle both with moderation. Which means in the times of progress and prosperity who foresee the hard times ahead and make their plans accordingly. 

One of the best strategies to cope with the upcoming hard times is to have savings and if you have enough wherewithal invest them in real estate. The investment made in real estate has its value doubled within few years and most importantly it is risk-free – no devaluation. If you are thinking of going this path, the opportunity is right here knocking at your door as we present to you plot for sale in Zaraj Housing Scheme Islamabad – a Scheme that inspires to be the representative of modern living. 

Plot Rates in Zaraj Housing Scheme Islamabad 

You will have different rates in different housing societies based on the location and facilities that are available here. Zaraj Housing Scheme is one where you get to have modest rates. Let’s have a glance over few of the samples below:

10 Marla Residential Plot for Sale in PKR ________________ 1.95 Crore

12 Marla Residential Plot for Sale in PKR ________________ 2.35 Crore

14 Marla Residential Plot for Sale in PKR ________________ 2.8 Crore

1.2 Kanal Residential Plot for Sale in PKR ________________ 4.7 Crore 

You will have your demand met here because there are hosts of plots in here. Plots with different features that you can choose from as per your demand. 

Area Guide and Facilities in Zaraj Housing Scheme Islamabad 

Under the jurisdiction of Capital Development Authority (CDA), Zaraj Housing Scheme is yet another beautiful destination in Islamabad. This society features myriad amenities and basic living facilities, making life easier and comfortable. For foodies can beat their hunger pangs, it has posh restaurants like Roll Center and Food Corner situated within the society. 

Other noteworthy landmarks in the vicinity include SLS School, Pakistan International Hospital and Jamia Masjid. It helps connect with the twin cities via GT Road. The accessibility is smooth and convenient. With every passing day the rates of plots are getting higher and the demand equally increases. There is no proper or ripe time to invest but now!