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Bahria Enclave - Bahria Town - Islamabad

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Bahria Enclave - Bahria Town - Islamabad

Updated on 27-10-2022

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Best Flats for Rent in Bahria Enclave Bahria Town Islamabad

What's the one thing you want the most for your family? You might say you want a perfect home in a perfect area where you and your family can enjoy your life. But while thinking of living in a top-notch housing society you might worry about spending a hefty amount of money that you can't afford. What if we tell you that you can get a chance to live in one of the main societies of the world's second most beautiful capital Islamabad. 

Yes you have heard it right because we have brought highly recommended flats for rent in Bahria enclave Islamabad for you and your loved ones. These flats are located in the heart of the city and are one of the best choices if you are planning to find apartments and flats for rent in Islamabad. These flats are your gateway to a life where you will have all the facilities that a modern lifestyle requires. 

You might also think that you are going to get these flats for rent in more than 70,000 or a minimum of 60,000. But, you will be surprised to know that the flats that we have are in a range of 18,000 monthly up to 50,000 on average. This provides you with a chance to have a beautiful home in the Bahria enclave that too in an affordable range. Plus, these apartments are located in a highly civilized area that is safe for your kids as well as perfect for all members of your house.

What Makes Flats for Rent in Bahria Enclave Best for Living


Bahria Enclave Islamabad is one of the first communities in Pakistan to introduce an international lifestyle. The society offers a worthy living to its residents which is why people feel attracted towards having a home here. The famous Bahria town has established Bahria enclave in 2011 and since then the authorities have never looked back and have provided every single facility that a modern lifestyle needs. Plus the Bahria enclave is above all in terms of the services they are providing to their people.


In addition, Bahria Enclave Islamabad is giving you all the world-class services like

  • Best schooling for your children where your little ones can fully nurture
  • Their health centres are always ready to tackle emergencies in the best way available
  • Every sector has its own mosque so that you do not have to walk a lot for just offering prayer
  • Each sector has green parks for people of every age as kids, adults and older people can spend their free time in these beautiful parks
  • The environment and neighbourhood are friendly and helpful. People are always ready to help each other and the authorities also have maintenance teams for your aid
  • You do not need to visit Islamabad for recreational purposes as the Bahria enclave has all the famous food chains and brands available


All the above-mentioned privileges make this society best suited for comfort and peace. 


Privileges with Flats


By getting one of these flats in the Bahria enclave you become subjected to get all the privileges that a luxury housing scheme can offer. The first and foremost concern that you may have while looking for a flat or an apartment is the location and safety of the area. What can be safer than a flat located in a society under strict security protocols? 

The next thing that these Bahria town flats have is the availability of electricity backup which can be a basic concern in Pakistan. Moreover, these flats for rent have many amenities for you including

  • Nearby community gym for fitness
  • Community swimming pool for kids and adults
  • Community Garden and green lawns to spend free time
  • A day care centre for small kids
  • Medical centres and first aid services
  • Barbecue area for families
  • Community centre
  • Mosques and parks
  • Play areas for kids
  • World-class schools
  • Shopping centres
  • Places to eat 


Most of these apartment buildings have service elevators for the residents and the residents can also avail laundry facilities. Moreover, some of these apartments are fully furnished with branded furniture including refrigerators, beds and sofa sets. In addition, all the flats have vast rooms even if the apartment has one bedroom. Plus, these flats for rent have spacious living rooms where you can place your Tv and spend quality time with family. The kitchen area also has a lot of space to accommodate your cooking supplies and grocery.


Price Range of flats for Rent in Bahria Enclave


Apartments and flats for rent in Islamabad are usually available for really high rates but the apartments that we have are fairly reasonable. We have different types of flats available for rent like 1 bedroom flats, 2 bedroom flats and 3 bedroom flats as well. All these flats have different price ranges mentioned below

  • One-bedroom flats are available for rent in the range of 16,000 to 35,000.
  • Two-bedroom flats can cost you around 25,000 to 40,000 rent monthly
  • Three-bedroom flats for rent can cost you 27,000 to 45,000 per month.


The prices mentioned above are not the final prices for rent as they tend to change according to the type of apartment you are renting. For instance, a fully furnished flat for rent in the Bahria enclave can cost you twice the price we have mentioned above. For a fully furnished flat you have to pay 90,000 to 1 lac monthly. However a partially furnished flat can cost you a little less as compared to a fully furnished apartment.

In conclusion


These Islamabad flats for rent in Bahria enclave are an economical option for you if you can't afford to buy a house here. Moreover, we recommend you rent one of these apartments as they are the most affordable option for you. Besides they are less expensive than rented houses as the starting rent is around 16,000 per month for some of the flats. So we were you we would have not waited for a second and have availed this unique opportunity of having a flat at such low rates and we recommend you to do the same.