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Best House for Rent in Bahria Enclave Bahria Town Islamabad

Living in a sophisticated and modern community has been a dream of every common man in Pakistan for many years. Every other family has an aim to build a perfect house that too in a reputable housing society. Bahria enclave is one of those societies that one can dream of. Bahria town launched this project in 2011 and since then society is progressing day by day. 

However, houses for sale in Bahria enclave Islamabad are expensive and middle-class families can not afford to buy a house worth 2 to 3 crores. If you do not have money to buy a house right now, our houses for rent in Bahria Enclave Islamabad are available for you. These houses can become your way to live a healthy, peaceful and luxurious life that too in a society like the Bahria enclave.

In adition, these houses are built on a set constructional plan by Bahria enclave which allows them to be the best in infrastructure and design. Plus, the material used in the construction of these houses is expensive and solid so you do not have to worry about any damage later on. 

Moreover, these houses provide you with a chance to be able to enjoy modern privileges without spending 2 to 4 crores. Nothing is better than having a rented house in one of the most modern areas of Pakistan where your loved ones can grow happily. You just have to choose a house that suits your needs and is affordable for you.


Main Features of Houses for Rent in the Bahria Enclave


Bahria enclave Islamabad has a variety of different houses for rent that you can get at reasonable rates. These houses have a marvellous look and are great to live in if you have a liking for great architectural work. Plus the houses possess a fine structure with spacious rooms and attached bathrooms having all the basic utilities. These houses also have beautifully designed kitchen spaces with cupboards and a proper ventilation system. The kitchen can be open or closed depending upon the type of house you are choosing. 

Moreover, the majority of these houses have uniquely designed dining rooms where you can set your dining table. The main feature of these houses is their wide rooms where you can accommodate your furniture easily and have free space too. The rooms have big windows that support air circulation. You will also get a spacious drawing room where you can entertain your guests. 

Yet the best thing about these houses for rent in the Bahria enclave is the availability of basic facilities that includes clear water supply, electricity, gas, power backups and proper waste management. We must add that these houses have parking space for your car as well as garages depending upon the size of the house you want to get on rent. After renting one of these houses you and your family will enjoy several modern amenities from international standard education to amazing recreational opportunities.


Price range of Houses for Rent in the Bahria Enclave


The cost range of these houses depends mainly on their size and floors. You can generally find houses ranging from 5 marlas to 1 Kanal for rent. You can get a 5 marla house for rent for about 60 to 1 lac monthly.  In addition, ten marla houses are available for rent in the price range of above 80k to 2 lac maximum. A 1 Kanal house for rent however can cost you 1.5 to more than two lacs monthly. 

Some of the houses that are available for rent have separate entrances for upper and lower portions and owners are willing to rent them separately. So you can easily get an upper portion on rent for a relatively less price as the monthly rent for the upper portion is lower than the ground floor. For instance, there is a 5 marla house for rent with 2 portions, you can get the upper floor for 55k while the ground floor is for 60k. However, you can easily have access to the main door even if you buy the upper floor.

Furthermore, if you are up for renting a house that has a basement, you can have a look at our houses that have basements. The price range of a house with a basement is relatively higher than a single storey house and it also depends upon the size of the house.


Why Choose Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Bahria enclave Islamabad has all the facilities that one can think of. By renting a house here you will enjoy the lifestyle you have not even imagined before. The amenities you get here are above all in terms of quality.

Firstly, there is no compromise on the security of this area as there is a proper security team that is keeping an eye on this society. Plus the area has 24/7 functional CCTV cameras.

Secondly, your kids can get proper education by studying at an international standard school like Beacon house. Your loved ones can also enjoy the best health care facilities by visiting a fully equipped hospital with a highly professional staff.

Thirdly, you can spend your free time with family in parks and other open spaces. Plus there are many different options for an outing with your kids including famous restaurants, a cinema, shopping areas having High end branded shops and other recreational spots.Lastly, you do not need to worry about maintenance issues as their maintenance staff will always be ready to help you with problems.

In Conclusion

If you are not ready to buy a house at Bahria enclave Islamabad due to the higher price range don't worry you still can live here on rent and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of the Bahria enclave. These houses for rent have all the facilities that a house can have and the prices are reasonable too. In our opinion, if you are in search of a house for rent ranging from 5 marlas to 1 Kanal or even 2 Kanal you should have a look at these houses and then decide if it suits your budget and taste.