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Houses for Rent in D-13 Islamabad

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Houses for Rent in D-13 Islamabad

Islamabad is recent years has been the most sought-after destination for real estate investors. People from far and wide have been flocking to the capital in great numbers and this has on one hand contributed to the growing demand for housing and on the other hand, it has also accounted for the setting up of new housing societies. Bringing the maxim home, necessity is the mother of invention, there have sprung up multiple housing societies in the city. Finding a rented house is comparatively difficult and needs to go through a bit of online rigmarole. However, you need not worry for we present to your a house for rent in D-13 Islamabad – a place that promises all the modern amenities of living at modest rates. 

Houses Rent Trends in D-13 Islamabad

Every sector in Islamabad has its own rates and mostly it is the specifications of the house that determines the rent. Comparatively, you can have modest rates here. Generally speaking, a few rough samples are mentioned below:

  • 4 Marla House with 3 Bedroom and 3 Washroom in PKR ____________ 30 Thousand 
  • 8 Marla House with 3 Bedroom and 4 Washroom in PKR ___________ 32 Thousand
  • 10 Marla House with 6 Bedroom and 6 Washroom in PKR ___________ 80 Thousand
  • 1.1 Kanal House with 4 Bedroom and 4 Washroom in PKR ___________ 28 Thousand

You must have noticed the rent difference despite more space, it is because of the specifications of the house internally. So it is not just the space but the location of the house along with the amenities inside of the house that determine the rent. 

More about D-13 Islamabad

Adjacent to Sector D-12, D-13 is a newly planned sector at the foot of Margalla Hills offering smooth access to the twin cities through Shah Allah Ditta Road. It offers a pleasing atmosphere blending with the natural environment. Away from the hustle-bustle and noisy environment of the city, you can live here with complete peace of mind. Along with basic facilities you can easily access various amenities in the nearby areas.

Since it lies in the periphery of the city, here you might not find the facilities that are characteristics of the city center but you can find mental peace and absolute calmness here. It is free of the Topsy-curviness of the city. Basic amenities of life are readily available here along with some of the modern facilities in the premises of the house!