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Houses for Rent in G-9 Islamabad

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12 Marla Full House Available For Rent in G 9/3 Islamabad
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12 Marla Full House Availabl...

G-9/3 - G-9 - Islamabad

Rent Price

PKR3.20 Lakh

For Rent

5 months ago

G-9/3 - G-9 - Islamabad

Updated on 03-02-2024

For Rent

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Houses for Rent in G-9 Islamabad

Gone are the days when physical and manual working would fatigue us, thank to technology, now everything is done just in clicks from the comfort of our homes/offices. Imagine back in the days when you had to rent a house, how fatiguing a rigmarole it was. It was utterly tiresome and time-consuming. Now, you just have to enter few keywords on Google and you have it. It is in this vein that we offer you a beautiful house for rent in the ideal location of G-9 with the most sought-after facilities. Here you can find luxurious houses for rent within a very modest range and in different sizes. Best Houses for Rent in G-9 Islamabad at affordable prices.   

Rent Trends in G-9 Islamabad

Every area is different with different facilities. Likewise, every house in an area is different owing to the facilities it possesses. So, it is not possible to affix a price tag, however, a general idea could be propounded that what to expect; the minimum or the ordinary ranges. Here are some of the rough stats:

  • 5 Marla House for Rent with 4 bedrooms and 4 washrooms in PKR ______ 100,000 
  • 7 Marla House for Rent with 4 bedrooms and 4 washrooms in PKR ______ 120,000 
  • 10 Marla House for Rent with 5 bedrooms and 6 washrooms in PKR _____ 180,000 
  • 12 Marla House for Rent with 6 bedrooms and 7 washrooms in PKR _____ 200,000

You can observe from the stats that some of the spacious houses are even less expensive than the relatively small ones, it is because of the facilities these houses promise. You would find a wide range to choose from. 


The Area to Find a Rented House

There are considerable options to choose from. It is not that you will find in one place but rather in four different sub-sectors:

  • Sector G-9/1
  • Sector G-9/2
  • Sector G-9/3
  • Sector G-9/4


The Idealness of G-9 Islamabad 

When it comes to the location that is what makes it apart from other places. G-9 promises all the basic and world-class amenities, be it educational, healthcare, recreational, shopping, or eateries. Not just an-encompassing area but also of the best quality. In addition, it also has a beautiful cricket ground and the roads are wide and traffic-regulated. 

Needless to say about the houses, as it is these facilities in the surroundings that facilitate life in a house. When you have all the premium amenities within your reach what else one can wish for? Simply put, it is a place worth living!