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Houses for Rent in I-15 Islamabad

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Houses for Rent in I-15 Islamabad

We, humans, have an invertebrate tendency to fall for something new and we get bored with things on a bit lengthy association. Another way around, the thing that is rare is precious. We do not value things when we have their access and it is the time that makes us realize their value. The reason people look for houses for rent is mostly that they want to explore new areas or settle there for time being. This goes without saying that being new in a place has its own excitement and nervousness. But cutting long story short, as you know houses for rent these days are rare to find and it requires perseverance to go about it for long. Nevertheless, we are here to facilitate you instantly as we present your houses for rent in I-15 Islamabad – a place not only bears good prospects for a living but is also quite affordable as well. 

House Rent Trends in I-15 Islamabad

Rents are fluid; they change with time and as per the facilities in an area and the house. I-15 being quite new offers rents that are relatively the most suitable ones. Places with all the amenities and flexible rents are not so common these days. So let’s have a glance over a few of the samples:

  • 5 Marla House with 4 Bedrooms and 4 Washrooms in PKR __________ 55 Thousand
  • 6 Marla House with 4 Bedrooms and 5 Washrooms in PKR __________ 60 Thousand
  • 8 Marla House with 3 Bedrooms and 4 Washrooms in PKR ___________ 48 Thousand 

You may find other houses as well with different features and rents. 

About I-15 Islamabad

Sector I-15 was launched in 2005 but the pace of development has been slow here. Under Capital Development Authority (CDA), this sector initially offer very minimal rates of plots and houses but with the passage of as it kept developing the rates too have gone up. Due to the bright prospects of investment here, the influx of investors is flocking to I-15 Islamabad. 

Though it cannot boast of any reputed facility here, the basic amenities are readily available. One of the pluses of the newly developed sectors is that they are built in alignment with the protocols of modern engineering. They minimize the risk of any future inconveniences which is a common problem with the old ones. So, the houses here are newly built and are reflective of the modern day and age. The interiors and design of the house are up to the mark contributing to a life of quality here!