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Best Located 6 Marla House for rent in Korang Town Safari Islamabad Final rent 25.000.
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Best Located 6 Marla House f...

Korang Town - Islamabad

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PKR2.50 Lakh

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1 month ago

Korang Town - Islamabad

Updated on 30-07-2023

For Rent


Best Houses for Rent in Korang Town Islamabad

It two things was to be identified that are on an upward trajectory; the first is inflation and the second is demand for housing. You would agree with that, aren’t you? Of course, we all are cognizant of the growing inflation, but there might be some who would still be skeptical about the second one. For they need to peruse the statics of population growth. Anyways, with the explosion in population, the demand is high and we are equally up to the task. We provide for your a house in   Islamabad – a place that is not only most suitable for a peaceful living but also promises great living conditions. Here are scores of houses up for rent. 


Rent Trend in Korang Town Islamabad

It is pertinent to familiarize you with the rent trends here as you would certainly want to know about them. Perhaps it does not need repetition that the house bear rents as per the specifications of the house and the facilities it offers. A couple of rents are noted below:


  • 4 Marla House for Rent with 3 Bedrooms and 5 Washrooms in PKR ____ 45 Thousand
  • 6 Marla House for Rent with 5 Bedrooms and 5 Washrooms in PKR ____ 50 Thousand
  • 12 Marla House for Rent with 6 Bedrooms and 6 Washrooms in PKR ___ 95 Thousa
  • 1 Kanal House for Rent with 6 Bedrooms and 6 Washrooms in PKR ____ 1.1 Lakh

It needs repetition that these rents/examples are just the tips of the iceberg and there are scores of them you choose from that are both diverse in terms and space and amenities as well. 


Prime Characteristics Korang Town Islamabad

Korang Town is yet another addition to multiplicity of housing societies in the capital city of Islamabad. It is situated directly off the Islamabad Expressway, adjacent to the PWD Housing Society and Korang River. Korang Town has a variety of essential living amenities like schools, clinics, shops and restaurants. Also, it provides uninterrupted access to basic necessities i.e. electricity, gas, and water. It is approximately 16 km from Zero Point and 48 km from the New Islamabad International Airport.

When it comes to the amenities that the houses promise, it would suffice to say that you would not find it lacking in any kind of facility that is available in the housing in the neighborhood. Since now there are many that have sprung up in the vicinity, so the focus is to outclass them through the standard and quality!