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Houses for Rent in Margalla Town Islamabad

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Houses for Rent in Margalla Town Islamabad

Finding a house for rent is one of the toughest tasks for it comes with many demands. As per the family and convenience, seeking a house in a particular location with certain specifications obviously does not come readily. For that you have to toil hard and most importantly given the population explosion in the country and the resultant demand for housing, it has become even more daunting. But you need not worry because we present to you a house for rent in Margalla Town Islamabad with the most soft-after amenities. Not only a single one but rather you can find houses here in quite great numbers with different specifications. The lifestyle here is one of a kind where you can find peace of mind and some best facilities. Best Houses for Rent in Margalla Town Islamabad at lowest prices.  


House Rent Trends in Margalla Town Islamabad 

It goes without saying that no one place is like the other. You would not expect places and rents to be the same because the context and amenities change from area to area and in this case from house to house. So there is no fixed rent but a general trend can be talked about, a few rents are mentioned below in this regard:


  • 4 Marla House for Rent with 3 Bedrooms and 5 Washrooms in PKR _____ 78 Thousand 
  • 5 Marla House for Rent with 4 Bedrooms and 5 Washrooms in PKR _____ 60 Thousand
  • 6 Marla House for Rent with 3 Bedrooms and 4 Washrooms in PKR _____ 85 Thousand
  • 7 Marla House for Rent with 3 Bedrooms and 4 Washrooms in PKR _____ 68 Thousand

It is pertinent to mention here that these are just rough stats and in no way representative of the whole area and in no way the only houses rather there are hosts of other houses that you can choose from. 


Salient Characteristics of Margalla Town Islamabad 

Run by CDA, Margalla Town is a beautiful housing society in the capital. It provides the best facilities to live a balanced life. In terms of educational facilities, it has some renowned schools and colleges and technical and vocational institutes. In addition, it also has good medical facilities. 

When it comes to delicious food, it possess restaurants like Habibi Restaurant, Adventure Inn Hotel & Restaurant, etc In terms of access, Margalla Town is 7.5 kms away from Zero Point, Islamabad and 37.9 kms away from the New International Airport, Islamabad!