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New Houses for Rent in Park Enclave Islamabad

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New Houses for Rent in Park Enclave Islamabad

Every age has its own characteristics and it is distinguished by some peculiar traits. Undoubtedly, the day we are living in is characterized by status consciousness and trend following. One cannot think of living out of fashion. Everyone seems to be in a rat race of trend following and it is not confined to just one aspect of life rather it is multi-dimensional. When it comes to living, a standardized palatial house is a top priority for most of us. Against the backdrop of all of this, finding a house that suits your needs is a tough ask. But we are here to cater to your all demands. We have an excitingly beautiful house for rent in Park Enclave Islamabad – where you get to enjoy all kind of in-vogue amenities of life. 

House On Rent Trends in Park Enclave Islamabad 

Rents are different area-wise. The areas that are centralized and have all the latest amenities readily available have their worth a bit higher as compared to the areas that are peripheral and lack in-vogue facilities. Park Enclave is one of the top-notch housing societies that promises world-class facilities and the rent trends here go like this:

  • 10 Marla House with 3 Bedrooms and 3 Washrooms in PKR __________ 60 Thousand
  • 14 Marla House with 4 Bedrooms and 4 Washrooms in PKR ___________ 70 Thousand
  • 1 Kanal House with 3 Bedrooms and 3 Washrooms in PKR _____________ 65 Thousand
  • 2 Kanal House with 12 Bedrooms and 12 Washrooms in PKR  ___________ 3.7 Lakh

Multiple other houses can be found in here with different specifications and thus varying rents. 

Distinguishing Characteristics Rent a House

Park Enclave falls under the jurisdiction of CDA. It is a beautiful housing society that has tremendous potential for real estate investment. Park Enclave has more than 8 schools and colleges with the notable ones being The Lasanians Model School System, Grafton Colleges of Management Sciences and Isra University. The area has medical facilities available for its residents as evident in the presence of more than 3 clinics. 

In addition, a variety of dining options are also available ranging from street food, Fast Food to Desi. These restaurants include Haleem Ghar - Dhoke Kala Khan and Adventure Inn Hotel & Restaurant in the surrounding area. When it comes to accessibility, Park Enclave is 13.8 kms away from Zero Point, Islamabad and 44.5 km away from the New International Airport, Islamabad. Simply put, it is an ideal location with ample facilities contributing to a peaceful and quality lifestyle.