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New Houses for Rent in Shah Allah Ditta Islamabad

The need for a rented house stems from urgency and need. One would certainly not like to leave his/her house and go on to live in a rented house. At times, it also becomes a compulsion if you do not have a house of your own. But most of the time, due to relocating and job posting rented houses are sought by different people. It is a tough task to meet for the very reason that you need a house of a certain specification in a particular location. But unlike the bygone days, housing societies these days are quite abundant and cater to the problem in relatively less time. We have here brought you an exciting offer, houses for rent in Shah Allah Ditta Islamabad – a beautiful location with necessary amenities. 

Rent Trends in Shah Allah Ditta Islamabad

Areas differ from each other in various aspects and so are the houses. Rents depend upon the location where the house is located and the amenities that it offers. Relatively speaking rents in Shah Allah Ditta are quite modest and affordable. To have a rough know-how, see the samples given below:

•           7 Marla House with 6 Bedrooms and 6 Washrooms inn PKR ___________ 75 Thousand

•           9 Marla House with 4 Bedrooms and 4 Washrooms inn PKR ___________ 90 Thousand

•           10 Marla House with 7 Bedrooms and 6 Washrooms inn PKR __________ 65 Thousand

•           1.1 Kanal House with 3 Bedrooms and 3 Washrooms inn PKR __________ 1 Lakh

You can have more houses with different specifications as well apart from these mentioned above. 

Noteworthy Characteristics of Shah Allah Ditta Islamabad 

Shah Allah Ditta is an ancient village believed to be more than seven hundred years old. It is located at the lush green foothills of Margalla Hills in ICT. In ancient times, it was used as a route from Kabul to the Gandharan City of Taxila. Eminent leaders like Alexander, Sher Shah Suri, Mughal empires, and other emperors often passed through this village while traveling from Afghanistan to Hindustan. 

It also represents many heritage sites like the Shah Allah Ditta caves located on the route of Khanpur and is next to the shrine and tomb of Shah Allah Ditta. Owing to its historic significance and site views, it receives an influx of tourists and locales. The houses in here are not only equipped with modern amenities but also the natural ambiance is something nowhere to be found!