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Houses for Sale in D-13 Islamabad

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Houses for Sale in D-13 Islamabad

Location plays an important role when it comes to buying a house. How about a location where the commercial facilities exist with a touch of nature? Isn’t it cool? Of course, it is and it is quite difficult to find such a location. You need not worry as we have come up with a house for sale in such a location and that is D-13. It is one of the fast-growing and crowd-pulling areas in terms of real estate investment. With the Margalla Hills in the backdrop, it paints a serene picture of the whole milieu. The houses here aptly compliment the location and the amenities in the vicinity. 


The Price Trend in D-17, Islamabad

Needless to say that prices in real estate are fluid and they change with every passing moment.  For your convenience’s sake a general trend is given below:


  • 7 Marla House with 2 bedrooms and 2 washrooms in PKR___________ 40 Lakh
  • 1.1 Marla House with 4 bedrooms and 4 washrooms in PKR ___________ 60 Lakh 
  • 11 Kanal House with 3 bedrooms and 4 washrooms in PKR ___________ 1.6 Crore

Neither these rates or final nor just these houses rather the variety in both the domains exists. You can find the house of your specifications as there are quite many houses than it is expected because it is one of the developing sectors. So, make an investment when the options are multiple and wide. 


Houses for Sale in D-13

D-13 is a newly developing area that promises huge investment potential. Having a very fascinating natural milieu in an ideal location in the capital it is attracting scores of people from far and wide. When it comes to road access the area provides quite easy and smooth access and the houses too are reciprocate of its newness. There are not many sub-sector or divided area rather as a whole the sector D-13 offers a wide variety of investment opportunities. The size and area which the houses occupy also varies as per your need. You can have small as well as spacious houses with desired amenities. 


Salient Features of Houses in D-13

Living up to the task of matching the global standard in the housing sector, D-13 presents some exciting houses that boast sophisticated and well-equipped modern houses. Its natural ambiance is one of its distinguishing pluses along with the unmatched calmness and serenity. Amenities like gas, electricity, water, sanitation, etc. are uninterruptedly provided here. Also, the safety and security of the area is a factor that adds value to it. Given the growing demand, it is high to invest here!