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Houses for Sale in D-18 Islamabad

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Houses for Sale in D-18 Islamabad

Islamabad with the passage of time is getting more populated and dense. Gone are the days when were very few sectors with investment opportunities and housing societies were not very common. But, today it is fast-expanding with a plethora of housing societies that have sprung up in different locations. D-18 is one of the newly developing sectors with tremendous potential for real estate investment. It is an area where calmness and peace reign. The mental peace that is found here is simply second to none. Also, the houses that are up for grabs in D-18 are worth mentioning with a wide variety of amenities and investment options. 

Price Trends of Houses in D-18, Islamabad

Currently, the prices that are offered here is comparatively most affordable and flexible. Even though the volatility of prices is a reality, to a major extent you can expect to have a balanced and modest price in D-18. Just to give a rough idea, some of the prices are given below:

  • 10 Marla House with 4 bedrooms and 4 washrooms in PKR___________ 55 Lakh
  • 10 Marla House with 6 bedrooms and 7 washrooms in PKR___________ 2.5 Crore
  • 1.2 Kanal House with 6 bedrooms and 7 washrooms in PKR ___________ 2.6 Crore 

Makes sure that these rates are in no way the sole and only representative of rates here, rather you may find a bit upscaled or decreased prices as well. It is the location, spaciousness, and amenities in the house and vicinity that define its real value. 

Houses for Sale in D-18, Islamabad

Some prime areas in D-18 where you can find houses aplenty include AWT and Engineers Cooperative Housing Society. The whole sector of D-18 has been divided into sectors that include A to H. Even though these blocks are not all fully developed and populated yet the development is in full swing these days. Due to its newness, it provides a diversity of investment opportunities. The area that a house is spread in also differs from places to house and you can easily have a desired one with the required spaciousness. 

Salient Features of the Houses in D-18

The houses that are up for sale are in vogue with the latest trends in real estate sector particularly in the housing sector. State-of-the-art buildings with meticulously decorated interiors and exteriors present a cool welcoming sight. All the basic amenities from water, electricity, gas to power coupled with safety and security are the chief features of houses in D-18. Lastly, in the backdrop of a multiplicity of blocks and new development, D-18 presents an ideal opportunity for investment.