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Beautiful 6 Marla Two-story houses for sale in E-11/2, Islamabad
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Beautiful 6 Marla Two-story...

E-12/2 - E-12 - Islamabad

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PKR4.60 Crore

For Sale

4 months ago

E-12/2 - E-12 - Islamabad

Updated on 27-07-2023

For Sale


Best Houses for Sale in E-12 Islamabad

Your presence on this site in this moment insinuates that you are looking for a house. Aren’t you? Of course, you are. Had it not been the case, you would not have been surfing the page right now. It is your searching engine that has directed you to it. Anyways, good to see you in this page. We are glad that you are on the right page. You must have gotten a cursory idea about us by now, if you don’t then it should suffice to say that our experience in this goes back to many decades. It is this experience and good work that has not only sustained us in this market but also has won us many customers. We hope to win you too and once you are onboard it is a guarantee that you would love to stay connected for long. It is this relationship that we foster with our customers through our quality services.  Best Houses for Sale in E-12 Islamabad are available at lowers prices. 


E-12; AN Ideal Location

To start with, E-12 is a sector that is close to nature. It is in the heart of mesmerizing Margala Hills. Adjacent to E-11, E-12 is near the famous Golra Sharif. When it comes to connectivity, it is linked to the motorway and GT road. It is almost 5 KM away from the new Islamabad international airport. The sector is not very populated or crowded as it is a relatively new project. Owing to its stunning location nowadays it is attracting great influx of investors. So, having a close-to-nature environment coupled with commercial hustle bustle E-12 is one of the ideal locations in Islamabad for investment and having house in here is just unmatched. 


Characteristics of the House for Sale

Let’s not be very boastful about it and simply say it has what needs to be there in the modern house. With so much experience and stay in this sector, you can expect us to be having good know-how about the in-vogue trends in the housing sector and rightly so we have full cognizance of all the trends in the housing industry.  It takes time and much thought to finalize and formalize a house; it does not happen haphazardly. It is the standard and quality of our services that attract customers and they connect with us to stay for good. So, you are ingenuously looking for a house in E-12 than there can’t be any better option than this, just lock it; seal the deal.