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11 Marla House is for sale in G-8/1 Islamabad
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11 Marla House is for sale i...

G-8 - Islamabad

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PKR6.60 Crore

For Sale

5 months ago

G-8 - Islamabad

Updated on 25-02-2022

For Sale

Best House for Sale in G-8 Islamabad

One of the most precious things in human life and very rare to find these days is peace. It is the most expensive and invaluable. We are so engrossed in our lives that from dawn to dusk we always hanker after material pursuits and peace especially mental peace is a thing very rarely found this day. So, amid such a chaotic life with the Covid not yet fully gone, it becomes very necessary to search for peace. House, in this regard, is a place where peace dwells permanently, and after the day-long fatigue when we enter the house a unique and fulfilling freshness greets us with its embracing hug. It proves to be a panacea in face of myriad worries in our lives. If you are still searching for a house then read on!


The House that is Up for the Grabs

It is a house that has been built with all the modern construction and amenities in view. It is the in-vogue house not only national but internationally as well. It has got all the contemporary facilities from the inside of the house to its outside. Everything has been planned meticulously and with great care. Living up to the standard and expectations that customers have, we have gone to every length to bring in everything that is possible. It is the result of this non-compromisation on our standards that people come to us in scores. We have great regard to in-vogue and trendy things, for that, we do extensive research before doing anything and with the passage of time. We always try to bring some innovation and out-of-the-box thinking ideas into the business. 


Why this Deal?

You would certainly find many houses in the surround and elsewhere, but Islamabad is a name to reckon with. It is a city that is unparalleled in beauty and along with that, it is full of facilities. G-8 is one of the posh areas in Islamabad and the surrounding is very safe for living.  The security of this area is equally commendable. Luxury and comfort embrace each other with vibes that induce nothing but tranquility. If you are fed up with the previous location and the house and want to have up-gradation than surely it has to be your pick. We would highly recommend you to avail this as you would never find such a deal in your life ever. We assure you of full assistance and apart from this house we also have other deals that can be communicated with you. Pay a visit and avail yourself the opportunity, if it suits you before it becomes a story of the past.