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Luxury 6 Marla Double storey  house for sale in Sector 1-11/1 Islamabad
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Luxury 6 Marla Double storey...

I-11/1 - I-11 - Islamabad

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PKR3.50 Crore

For Sale

2 weeks ago

I-11/1 - I-11 - Islamabad

Updated on 30-07-2022

For Sale

Best Houses for Sale in I-11 Islamabad

Whatever a person does in his life for a living, be it an office duty or on the field, after getting fatigued all day, once he reaches home he finds this ambiance a panacea to his weariness. A home is a place incomparable. It is a place where we find peace and mental calmness. All the worries of the day are just wiped out of the scene when you are at home and it feels like being loved and cared for. In the company of your family and friends, one gets to share his good and bad moments and it is said that sharing your good moments doubles the joy and sharing your bad moments attenuates the intensity of it. It is the family who is happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad. There can’t be any well-wisher of you but your family. So, the roof you share with your family also needs to be good and modern. Isn’t it? If you agree we have an offer for you. just read on. Best Houses for Sale in I-11 Islamabad at the lowest prices. 


Salient Features of the Houses in  I-11 Islamabad

 I might fall short of pages if I go on talking about everything about the house, but succinctly it is a house that has been built recently along the lines of modern engineering and possesses all the modern amenities both inside and outside. It has a cool interior and an equally cool exterior with some eye-catching decorations that give it a pleasurable vide. It has all the comfort and luxury that you can imagine of having in a newly-built house. it defines class and status along with facilitating quality of life. You could find myriad houses around but the amenities and luxury that it brings are certainly unparalleled. If you are earning handsomely and also possess a good car, but if your house is old-looking, you do not compliment your status. It is the house that would do justice to you. 


A Deal Never To be Found

This statement might come across as an exaggeration, but if you ask me frankly, it is a reality. Given the contemporariness of the house, the amenities it has and the location it is truly a deal that would not find anywhere else. It is we who know the market very well and living up to the reputation of being the trend carriers, bring you such exciting offers. On top a readymade house in such a prime location is very rare to find. The locality of the house and the compounding amenities are also commendable. Given the increasing demand, we would ingenuously suggest you to make a timely decision before it is taken!