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House for Sale in Eighteen Kashmir Highway Islamabad

The world is changing; with it, our preferences and demands are also changing. For instance, people earlier would want a four-walled house in a city area with basic amenities. But with time it has been changing, people now want a house that comes with the necessary ingredients to cater ones emotional, physical and mental well being. They want a house in the proximity of nature instead of a densely commercialized area. People increasing falling for the areas that are close to nature and relatively less populated. Areas that have the in vogue facilities in order to make for one’s myriad needs. The newly emerging housing societies are delivering on the very demands and expectations. These societies are factoring in thee very pulse of the time and facilitating people in the best possible way. If you want to avail the opportunity, we offer a villas for sale in Eighteen Islamabad – one such housing society that has all to cater to your every demand. 

The term villa, unlike a house, is a fancier term and rightly so it is more than a house. It entails more facilities sophistication then an ordinary house. These villas are the true representation of a cozy life style in the lap of in vogue facilities. Everything, from the interior to exterior design and from the architecture to the decoration, is just pleasantly harmonious with the taste of modern times. One feels the true vibes of living in a standard residential setting with every facility readily available to you without any slight inconvenience. 

Houses Rates in Eighteen Islamabad 

The resourcefulness of these housing societies make them the best pick. Rates are harmonious with the amenities that it provide. Let’s explore a few random samples to in order to make sense of general rate trends in here:

5 Marla House with 4 Bedrooms and 5 Washrooms in PKR _____________ 4.7 Crore

16.3 Marla House with 4 Bedrooms and 5 Washrooms in PKR __________ 5.8 Crore

1 Kanal House with 5 Bedrooms and 6 Washrooms in PKR _____________ 8.72 Crore

2 Kanal House with 6 Bedrooms and 7 Washrooms in PKR _____________ 15 Crore

Do not think that you would get to have just these plots, but there are multiple other villas with different specifications and rates that you can choose from. 

Location of Eighteen Islamabad 

Eighteen Islamabad is located on the Kashmir Highway, Just a few Km away from the Islamabad Lahore Motorway and Islamabad New International Air Port. It is in close proximity to University Town, one of the oldest housing societies in the area. The location ideal for the very fact that it facilitated smooth access to Motorway, New Islamabad Airport and all parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi through Kashmir Highway and GT Road. 

Amenities and Distinctiveness of Eighteen Islamabad 

Eighteen is a gated and secure community equipped with all modern facilities of living. It is a smartly planned society that provides a safe and serene environment in lush green surrounding. In here, you will find all the top features of comfortable living at a modern resort. Eighteen Islamabad shares neighborhood with societies such as Taj Residencia, B-17 Multi Gardens & Top City.

It is developed by Egypt's Ora Developer in partnership with Saif Group and Kohistan Builders. The society is spread over an area of 2.7 million square yards and is surrounded by the lush green hills of Islamabad. It is 20 minutes away from downtown Islamabad, with easy access to Islamabad International Airport and Motorway. It gives a very cool look – a beautifully designed garden city that is covered with the tech-based smart architecture of villas and apartments, connecting with parkways and serviced by extravagant amenities. Eighteen provides 24/7 surveillance system along with other incredible facilities. 

Also, the society has an 18-hole Golf Course, village Walk/ parkway, Nature reserve and green neighborhood. Now you can better imagine a life style in here. Having a golf club in itself speaks volumes about this society where one gets to enjoy the elite facilities. On top of it, the greenery around is simply bewitching. A well-kept nature-inspired environment is a big pulling factor that not only adds to the physical beauty of the area but also has an impact on the psyche of the residents. 

Types of Houses and their Features 

You get to enjoy a whole differ life experience. These villas boast clean lines, floor-to-ceiling windows and sophisticated decor, there are chiefly two types of accommodation:

Luxury Houses : these are mostly suitable for families or those who desire more space, eighteen offers lavish private villas. Expansive four and eight kanal villas designed in a crescent shape.

The Heights Apartments; mainly suitable for couples. These are chic city-style apartments beautifully designed with an unmatched view of the gold course. 

Moreover, the quintessence of a quality life style comes to realization in eighteen Islamabad. Although you would get to find many other societies in the city and in the area in particular but the houses that it has simply outclass all others in their sophistication and amenities. In 21st century, the luxuriousness and lavishness is measured in terms of the facilities being the latest. You would see a clear difference not only in the amenities but also in the look of it as larger both from inside and outside of the villa. When naturalness gets blended with such luxuries, then it gives way to an unparalleled synthesis that you can find only in Eighteen Islamabad. The vibes one gets in this villa or in the premises is one of the elite one. It is simply a club of the elites. The upper crust of the society belongs to this society and the facilities are reflective of high class. If you too are desirous to join the club of elites and if you too want to have a living in the lap of luxuries then eighteen is for you. It has villas for you as per you need and demand that you can choose from. Just seize the opportunity and do not slip it out of hands!