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7 Marla Double-storey House For Sale In Federation Housing Society Fechs
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7 Marla Double-storey House...

O-9 (Police Foundation) - Islamabad

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PKR2.50 Crore

For Sale

10 months ago

O-9 (Police Foundation) - Islamabad

Updated on 31-07-2023

For Sale

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Houses for Sale in O-9 (Police Foundation) Islamabad

Housing is one of the primary needs of us humans and even some other living things too have their houses. It is the place to find peace, to have a soulful rest and spend moment with your loved ones. Imagine the lack of it in the face of day-long fatigue, where would you go to have some respite and calmness? After the hectic work schedule at office all day, when you enter the house, it is vanished as if it weren’t there in the first place. On top the presence of the near and dear ones in the house and their company under a roof is something that we humans not only crave for but at times cannot live without – that’s why we are called social animals.  Houses for Sale in O-9 (Police Foundation) Islamabad are here at lowest prices.

The House For Sale in O-9 Police Foundation

As you are well aware of the modern trends in the construction sector so are we. Delivering on the high expectations of the clients we strive to come up with something new and innovative all the time. Particularly it is the technology every time that gets more innovative and adds new charm to the projects. A technology-driven, well-established and beautifully decorated house equipped with modern facilities is up for the grabs. You only need to have the wherewithal all else, in terms of location, space and standard, is perfectly taken care of. You would have a truly status-defining house reflecting all its grandeur both internally and externally. 


The Flexibility that You can Expect

Not only do we have just a single one with fixed specifications, rather we offer houses spread in 10 Marla, 20 Marla, 11 Kanal, 2Kanal etc. and that too in the much affordable prices. Our services and prices are the major pulling factors that make clients flock to us in great numbers and over the years we have been a success model for the rest of our competitors. We have an expert team that not only ensures all the must-haves in the house but also does carry out research to incorporate the latest trends in the real estate market. With luxury and sophistication, we bring innovation too. 


Strike While the Iron is Hot

It is that time of the year when real estate sector gets too crowded, so availing the deal on time is a challenge. Mostly it is our indecisiveness that kills the prospects of a good investment and that indecision is driven by lack of pre-planning. You must set your priorities before opting for the sale. The house that we have put up for sale in its totality is just a perfect one with everything being top-class. You would again recommend you to strike while  the iron it hot!