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Plot for sale in E-14 Islamabad

Islamabad a couple of years back was limited to a few developed sectors and had a limited population. But suddenly there has been a drastic change. New sectors have been set up and it is fast-expanding. Resultantly the population is also on the rise. The charm of this city is magnetically attracting people from far and wide on a very large scale. The new sectors are gradually being populated and developed. E-12 is one such sector that is in its nascent years and receiving great traffic. If you are desirous to have a plot in here, you are good to go for we are here to facilitate you. We have a plot in E-12 Islamabad for sale that features all the basic amenities and has a bright prospect going into the future. Seize the opportunity! 


Plot Prices in E-14 Islamabad 

Rates of course are of much importance. But the plus point is you get to have plots in various sizes so you can adjust your budget accordingly. Comparatively the rates here are quite modest and adorable. Let’s have a quick look at a few of them:


  • 5 Marla Plot for Sale in PKR __________________________ 30 Lakh
  • 7 Marla Plot for Sale in PKR __________________________ 23 Lakh
  • 10 Marla Plot for Sale in PKR _________________________35 Lakh
  • 1 Kanal Plot for Sale in PKR _________________________ 42 Lakh

It is not limited to these only, but rather you get to have many more in the sector that you can choose from. 


Know E-14 Sector Islamabad 

Under the jurisdiction of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), E-14 is a newly developing sector in the capital city. Since it is developing so it is understood that the sophisticated facilities are yet to make their way into this sector but the biggest plus point is that the rates here are relatively very low. One can easily afford to have plots here. It is the people that bring vivacity and exuberance to an area once the population gets increased of course every other thing will be readily available like other developed sectors. 

This a golden opportunity to make the most of it. Buy a plot and within no time you will get to see overnight change and the seemingly deserted sector will be transformed into a bustling city. This affordability factor along with its smooth accessibility to other parts of the city has attracted a plethora of investors. So, without any second thought, it is time to secure a plot in here before it is too late.