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Plot for Sale in F-16 Islamabad

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Plot for Sale in F-16 Islamabad

Mankind from very birth has been expanding on the surface of the earth. We started as coupled and gradually kept populated. Today the population is almost 8 billion and growing. One of the lessons that can be drawn from this rapid explosion is that land adequacy is fast diminishing. In such a scenario one of the preemptive and wise decisions is to invest in property.  A piece of land bought today is much worth it than tomorrow. Particularly the centralized areas in the cities are giving way to growing commercialism. The wide open areas are now a distant memory and existing ones are further becoming narrow. The one with a vision in such a scenario secures a plot today for one’s tomorrow. If are one who realizes it and looking for a plot to invest then we have a plot for you in F-16 Islamabad – an area that is pleasant for living. 

Plot Rates in F-16 Islamabad

Unlike other sectors in Islamabad, it not only lies on the fringe but also is in its developmental stage. That means the rates are expected to be in a modest range. You can have plots in different sizes and the general trend of rates is given below in the form of a few randomly picked samples:

  • 8 Marla Plot for Sale in PKR ______________________ 30 Lakh
  • 10 Marla Plot for Sale in PKR ______________________ 40 Lakh
  • 14 Marla Plot for Sale in PKR ______________________ 18 Lakh
  • 1 Kanal Plot for Sale in PKR _______________________ 48 Lakh

You can see that there is a difference in the rates despite sizes. Sometimes the one larger is size is less expensive than the one smaller in size owing to their location and facilities. 

More About Plots in Islamabad F-16 

Sector F16 is located in the second Zone of Islamabad which is an underdeveloped area comparatively. This area is also called the new Islamabad as more new Sectors and Housing Societies are starting new here. The location of Sector F 16 is towards the South-West of Islamabad between the GT Road and Lahore Islamabad Motorway. The Property Prices are relatively low as the area is not fully developed so best for those with a low budget and for long-term investment.

In the vicinity of it lies other developing Sectors like Sector F 16, Sector F17, and F18. Given its nascent stage, the rates are very affordable and plots to are also of different sizes. So, avail the opportunity before it is too late.