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Plots for sale in I-13 Islamabad

You must have heard people talk about investment in property with a tinge of skepticism and suspicion. The suspicion to some extent holds justified because there have been some unpleasant experiences that have got people scared and cautioned, but to a larger extent that is highly exaggerated. There have been very few cases of fraud and deception but that has been done by unauthorized and non-legalized agents/actors. We have been serving you for the last many years and haven’t experienced any such cases the bottom line is we deal with honesty and our work is as per the law. If you want to have a safe and secure investment then you have the opportunity right away as we present a plot for sale in I-13 Islamabad – a place that has got all the basic amenities and promises a lucrative investment.

I-13 Islamabad Plots Prices

It is not an item of a single brand that we can affix a fixed rate, rather these are plots with different sizes and locations, so their rates differ accordingly. Simply put, the rates here are comparatively modest and one can afford to have a plot in this beautiful setting. Let’s explore some of the sample rates:

  • 5 Marla Plot Price in PKR              ________________ 60 Lakh
  • 6 Marla Residential Plot in PKR ________________ 72 Lakh
  • 7 Marla Plot in PKR                         ________________ 84 Lakh
  • Buy 10 Marla Plot in PKR              _______________ 1.2 Crore

The count does not end here rather there are countless other plots as well that you can explore and choose from as per your need. 

The specialty of I-13 Islamabad for plots

I-13 is yet another developing sector, currently in its nascent stage. It is the growing demand for housing that has made these new sectors emerge to the scene and cater to the needs of the investors. Due to its underdevelopment rates here are quite modest as you saw above. In fact, rates here make for less than half of the rates of the centralized sectors in Islamabad and that is why investors flock to this area. Within a couple of years from now, it has the potential to compete with other developed sectors. 

I-13 has smooth road access and the availability of basic amenities like electricity, water, and gas. With the passage of time other luxurious amenities will also make their way into this beautiful sector and by then the rates may well be much higher than it is today. So make the most of the opportunity when it is right here.