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Plots for Sale in Airport Green Garden Islamabad

Investment Opportunities in Airport Green Garden Islamabad

Islamabad has always been a center of attraction for investment owing to its breath-taking landscape, secure environment and modern lifestyle. The capital city located at the foothills of majestic Margalla Hills not only an aesthetic exotica but also is home to a number of luxurious housing projects in various phases of development. Airport Green Garden, Islamabad, is one of such projects. Located at a close distance from the new Islamabad International Airport, this environment-friendly residential scheme has drawn the attention of real estate investors for its top-notch amenities and prime location. It puts together all comforts of life that you possibly think to have in this mesmerizing city.

The housing society is determined to provide modern yet sustainable infrastructure with an all-inclusive environment facilitating the residents in every aspect within the premises of the society.  it ensures extensive network of well-paved roads and spacious boulevards, uninterrupted supply of electricity, underground cable wiring, beautiful green belts and green spaces. Moreover, well-equipped healthcare facilities, educational institutes of international standards along with mosques, commercial zones, and recreational spots are its main priority. It is simply a city within a city, aiming to offer its residents all the facilities and amenities required for a quality and sophisticated lifestyle.

Location of Airport Green Garden Islamabad

It occupies a prime location, being at a short distance from the New Islamabad International Airport and can also be accessed from Kashmir Highway as well as Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). It is shares the neighborhood of Top City 1 housing society and Mumtaz City and University Town are also located in the vicinity. Moreover, it takes only five kilometers from the Rawalpindi Islamabad Motorway Interchange from this society, whereas the renowned project of Eighteen Islamabad is just 6 kilometer away from Airport Green Garden.

Needless to say that its prime location, being next of the airport and in the vicinity of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway makes it one of the best-placed housing projects in the Twin Cities.

Plots for Sale in Airport Green Garden, Islamabad

Are you are interested in buying residential plots in Airport Green Garden? The housing scheme is currently offering residential plots in different ranges in an affordable rates.


You must be thinking about the prices here and of course that is the primary factor to play out, anyways, approximately speaking the price of 5 marla plots for sale in Airport Green Garden, Islamabad, is PKR 32 lakh while buying an 8 marla plot in the area may cost you PKR 44 lakh. You can also buy a 10 marla plot in the residential society for PKR 55 lakh. Additionally, 1 kanal plot for sale in here costs PKR 95 lakh.  Meanwhile, the prices of plots for farmhouses range between PKR 2.6 to PKR 2.9 crore.


In case if you are interested in buying commercial plots in Airport Green Garden, Islamabad, the price of 40’x60’ plots in Markaz is PKR 3.73 crore whereas 50’x60’ commercial plots in Markaz are available for the price of PKR 4.66 crore. Moreover, a 110’x100’ commercial plot in Markaz may cost you PKR 17.11 crore. The 50’x70’ plots on Main Road Commercial are priced round PKR 6.61 crore. Remember, these are the current trends and may vary with time, as prices in real estate are always volatile.

Salient Features of Airport Green Garden, Islamabad

The project promises a sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle with the up-to-date amenities.

Here are some of the most noteworthy features that add to the value of this society:

  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Peaceful environment
  • Lavish yet healthy lifestyle
  • Gated community
  • Dedicated commercial areas
  • Green belts and open spaces
  • Surrounded by natural beauty
  • Ideal location
  • Affordable investment options
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Metro bus service
  • A wide network of roads
  • CCTV cameras and patrol cars
  • Access to public transportation

Other Amenities and Facilities in the Society

Automated Fuel & Service Station

An international brand of Oil & Lubricants along with world class automated service station in one of the central locations in Airport Green Garden makes it a lofty and much needed facility in the society.


Prostration before Allah must be given top preference, so to serve this purpose a unique architectural design Mosque influenced by our rich heritage & Culture stands tall in the society witnessing the union of Muslim five times a day.

Metro Service

Being in the close neighborhood of New International Airport, Green City Islamabad offers transportation to center of Islamabad and back comparable to Metro Services recently introduced in Pakistan. Green City takes pride to launch such services for the first time in Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s real estate sector.

ECO friendly living

Environmental pollution is the biggest of threats to our planet. Urban living has yet again its own pros and cons but at Airport Green Garden provides a farmhouse environment with all the modern luxuries. It is not simple to go green as we are combating a major issue of pollution these days. The society strive to find ways to provide clean, green and an eco-friendly environment to its residents. Some of the efforts in this regard include:

  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Parks & Green Belts along the roads and streets
  • Preserving Natural Landscaping
  • Water Bodies in the community

Safety and Security

Safety and security are undeniable one of the top priority of every individual and the society is very much cognizant of it.  Therefore, very proper surveillance is ensured here so that no suspicious ever dwell here. Once you are in Airport Green Garden you will observe that your safety is ensured via CCTV 24/7 with highly qualified and integrated security staff equipped with extremely sophisticated and reliable weapons and technology. Moreover, it also has made sure that the society is fully gated, walk through gates are installed, security guards on alert, physical surveillance, mobile units and CCTV cameras are at work  24/7 without any slight lapse whatsoever.

If we were to suggest you something and that were to have fallen on receptive ears then we would earnestly say, ‘go for it’!


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