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Plots available for sale in tehsil fateh jang district Attock
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Fateh Jang Road - Attock

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PKR20 Lakh

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2 months ago

Fateh Jang Road - Attock


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Pindigheb - Attock

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PKR6.40 Crore

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5 months ago

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Best Plots for Sale in Attock

Attock, formerly known as Campellpur, is in the north of Punjab province. The history of this magnificent city goes back to the colonial days and it is said to be built by the British. Population-wise Attock is the 61st city of Pakistan. It is the headquarter of district Attock. The historicity of Attcok is of paramount significance because of its share of Gandhara civilization. Also, from a political and commercial perspective, this city has much to offer. Being the ancient route of trade to Afghanistan and a military crossing point in the Indus, Attock has seen the footprints of Alexander the Great, Timur and Nadir Shah in their respective invasions of India.

Moreover, the name Campbellpur was changed by the Pakistani government in 1978. Previously, before the partition of the Indian subcontinent, Hindus and Sikhs mostly dwelled here. After 1947, most of them migrated to India and the Muslim population sprung up. Attock is known for its courageous sons who serve gallantly in the military. The interesting thing about Attock and perhaps very pertinent when it comes to investing in property here is that according to the Alif Ailaan Pakistan District Education Rankings 2019, Attock secures 3rd position out of 146 districts in Pakistan. So, you can better imagine the literary rate here and that goes out to show better educational facilities here. Furthermore, infrastructure-wise the city is ranked 17 out of 146 Districts in Pakistan.

Plots Available for Sale in Attock

Plots forsake in Attock are available in different places with varying costs. Like other small cities in the country real estate sector is not very progressive here rather you would observe small housing societies sprung up dotted in the city. However, the development and facilities of the city are such that masses often get pulled for investment in property here. You can have diverse choices from the center to the peripheries of the city, the ones in the center or in close vicinity of the main city with much higher prices. Here are some of the areas where you can have plots easily available and make sure that these are not the only areas but some of them.

  • Kamra Road
  • Mehria Town
  • Darul Islam Colony
  • Attock Road
  • Farooq E Azam
  • Multi Residencia Orchards Brahma Bahtar
  • Peoples Colony
  • Mirza Road
  • Shaheen Bagh
  • Burhan Cantt
  • Meena Bazar
  • Madni Colony
  • Lalazar Colony

Sale Price Trends in Attock

It is quite understood yet needs telling that the rates do not remain constant and neither same in different places. It is the area and the facilities there that determine the price of the land.  Obviously, the areas that is better managed and have better facilities are higher in value as compared to the ones that are not so well managed.  The general trend that can be onsered here are:

5 Marla in PKR ____________ 5 to 15 lakh

8 Marla in PKR ____________ 10 to 30 lakh

10 Marla in PKR ___________ 15 to 45 lakh

1 Kanal in PKR ____________ 25 to 60 lakh

Climate in Attock

The climate of Attock is somewhat similar to other cities in Punjab, it has a humid subtropical climate. That means it is hot and humid summers and cold to mild winters. Generally, in the whole of Punjab winters are not that harsh but summer is quite severe. Since Attock is a subtropical region so that severity is not that intensified.

Why Should You Consider Investing in Attock?

The first and foremost thing a person considers while investing in property somewhere is the facilities that include healthcare, education, infrastructure, etc. Attock, in this regard, as discussed earlier, is rich in facilities. Its rich history and geographical importance has always accounted for the keener interest of the governments due to which you would find better healthcare facilities along with well-managed infrastructure. From an educational perspective, it is the third wee-educated district out of 126 in Pakistan so that says volumes about the educational amenities.

Moreover, this city is full of architectural marvels and wonderful sights. If you are a history buff with a penchant to know about the history and monumental remains of the bygone era then it has all to entertain you. Some of the best sights in Attock include:

Attock Fort

On a high altitude, overlooking the picturesque Indus River, the marvelous Attock Fort was built in a small town called Attock Khurd between 1581 and 1583 during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. The fort offers entrance through four majestic gates, namely Lahori Gate, Kabuli Gate, Delhi Gate and Mori Gate with a parameter wall of 1,600 m.

It was being used by the military until lately and the entry of tourists was barred yet the 16-century old fort has recently been opened for the public. It is a true marvel of Mughal architecture and receives a huge number of visitors around the year.

Attock Khurd Railway Station

It is the busiest place that bustles with people. It is a Victorian style railway station built around the 1880s and presents a true marvel of engineering. Not only does it provide you with some sightseeing but also make one reflect upon the history and marvel at the works of engineering. It provides an opportunity to know about the bygone days and the then living standard.

Kala Chitta Mountain Range

Here is a true treat to the adventurers. If you are fond of hiking and trekking and have also a skill in hunting then you can also go on a hunting spree with the permission of the army. It provides a worthwhile outing that you should not miss. The mountains are not that steep or difficult to hike or trek but rather present easy passage. A day long trekking here in the company of friends is an unforgettable experience. 

Lastly, there are just a few that we mentioned and the rest of the treasures that are needed to be explored are yet to be discussed.  Once you are here, you better know the places and choose to visit the areas that offer you the best exploring experience.