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Best Residential Plots for Sale in Chakwal

Located in the 65th populous city in the Rawalpindi region of Punjab province. It is located in the southwest at a distance of 90 kilometers from the federal – Islamabad- and 270 kilometers from the provincial capital – Lahore. Having numerous small towns around it, Chakwal’s population is mostly rural. However, the urban centre of the city is being developed with rapid pace on modern lines. Jhelum, Attock and Rawalpindi are just a few of the major nearby cites. In terms of geography, Chakwal is rich in natural beauty, with several water bodies in the surrounding region that are ideal for picnics. Historically and from an adventure point of view, it is fertile too. The older parts of town also hold architectural marvels of the bygone days, with several centuries-old historic sites.  

Types of Residential Plots for Sale in Chakwal

With the recent upsurge in the developmental and construction industry, the city is fast developing into a modern city with some quality facilities. Buying a property gives you the freedom to design the house of your dreams in the style of your choice. However, certain gated housing schemes might have a plan to follow and can also assist you in construction subsequently. Plots available for sale in Chakwal can be found in various sizes in different areas. You can have the choice of sizes and areas or housing schemes to choose from that suits your need. Some of the notable areas or housing schemes where you can find a plot of your choice are given below:

  • Jhelum Road
  • Kallar Kahar
  • Talagang Road
  • New Chakwal City
  • Ashraf Road
  • Thaneel Road
  • Rawalpindi Road
  • Chakwal Bypass
  • Neela Dulla
  • New Northern Bypass
  • Executive Colony
  • Madina Colony
  • Millat Chawk

Sale Price Trend in Chakwal

Buying land in Chakwal involves less rigmarole considering that the rural sector thrives on farming and agriculture and dealing is pretty hustle-free. There are many plots up for grabs both in the rural areas as well as in the urban settings. Needless to say that the price in rural areas is less than in the city centers. A general trend can be observed somewhat like:

  • 5 Marla in PKR ____________ 10 to 25 lac
  • 8 Marla in PKR ____________ 12 to 40 lac
  • 10 Marla in PKR____________ 16 to 60 lac
  • 1 Kanal in PKR _____________ 25 to 85 lac

These are just the normally observed prices and you may experience much less or higher than these once you visit the place.

Educational and Healthcare Facilities in Chakwal

Educational facilities for everyone are of paramount importance and Chakwal has some of the quality educational facilities in the like of Fauji Foundation, the City School, Bahria Foundation College and Girls Cadet College. Some of the universities also have their campus here that include the University of Central Punjab and University of Engineering and Technology Taxila. Furthermore, the city has a good healthcare system as well. There are private and public hospitals that cater to the residences. Also, an eye Specialists can also be found at the Munawwar Memorial Eye Hospital. Overall, Chakwal is rich in all the amenities of life and perhaps the best choice to invest in property.

Safety and Security in Chakwal

While buying a plot in Chakwal, thoughtful consideration needs to be given to the location that you wish to reside in. it would be ideal to talk to the neighbors or the housing society officials about the security in the area and to determine how accessible the nearest facilities are from the location of your choosing. Moreover, you have the option to hire private security guards to ensure the safety of your property while it is being built. With regards to utilities, water shortage might be an issue especially in some of the older parts of town as the region sees very little rainfall throughout the year. However, the housing societies and most of the areas have overcome this issue with the use of water extraction systems and pumps. Yet, it needs to be ascertained before buying one. 

There are some beautiful towns surrounding Chakwal, with the most famous one being Kallar Kahar, a known tourist destination. Having a saltwater lake in its midst, the town boasts not just its own natural beauty but also has several sporting and outdoor activities to entertain you. Moreover, boat rides can be enjoyed here, hiking, swimming, and camping can be done at Neela Wahn which is nearby. Swain Lake or Khandowa Lake is another picnic spot in the region, providing recreation in the form of swimming, trekking, and adventurous cliff diving. People who enjoy visiting historical sites will also truly enjoy a visit to Katas Raj, which is the site where 4 Hindu temples are still standing today in quite a good shape and receive a plethora of visitors round the year. 

Eateries and Shopping Malls in Chakwal

The District Council Plaza is one of the chief shopping hubs of Chakwal that sees a crowd all the time. Another mall that you can find your stuff is Koh-e-Noor Shopping Mall, located on Talagang Road that offers some good varieties. Moreover, the stores of Warda Lawn, Bata, Gul Ahmed, Style shoes and Bonanza Satrangi are also located on the same as well. If you feel hungry after shopping restaurants like Food Valley, Bar B Q Tonight, Pizza Hut, KFC and more, offer a range of fine dining as well as fast food options that you can avail.

Some of the famous bazaars in Chakwals include Mochi Bazaar and Model Bazaar. Mochi Bazaar as the name suggests is known for the shoes that it makes that are very popular in the country. Khussa and Zari Khairi (embroidered shoes) are two types of shoes that are made within Chakwal and these are commonly worn by the locals as well. While Model Bazaar offers different things at cheap prices. It has also the facility of trollies that would help you carry the stuff somewhere else. These bazaars truly represent the indigenous colors of the city.  So, the decision for you must be an easy one now, given the discussion,  it is perhaps high time to invest in Chakwal.


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