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Best Plots for Sale in Haripur

Haripur is a hilly area in the Haripur District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is said to be founded by Sikh general Hari Sing in 1822 who was appointed by Ranjeet Sigh as the administrator here. It is at an altitude of 520 meters (1760 ft.). Its borders are connected with the beautiful cities Sawabi, Buner, Mansehra, Abbottabad and Punjab. Haripur is a fertile land that has produced some of great personalities like Ayub Khan and many other famous politicians. The city holds significance from the perspective of history and has also been well equipped in terms of facilities of life.  Owing to its close proximity to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the federal capital, it is easily accessible and offers quality facilities of living.

In recent times, real estate business has seen a substantial boom in Haripur. New Housing Societies are being set up with some competitive living facilities. An influx of people are eyeing to be the dwellers of this city accounting for the real estate sector being a profitable business. It is the geography of being sandwiched between Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that makes it an ideal place to live. Also, the climate here is unlike either that of Punjab or the federal capital. It is somewhat hot in summer and humid in winter. 

Availability of Plots for Sale in Haripur

 There are multiple areas where you can find plots for sale. You would find plots for residential as well as commercial purposes. Since there is not much difference between the center and peripheries yet you would find a considerable difference in prices from area to area. It is, of course, the top priority of everyone to have a plot in an area where one can easy access to all the amenities of live. From good infrastructure to healthcare to educational facilities. The areas where these facilities are nearby and you do not to travel too far are obviously costly as compared to the areas where you have to travel a bit far to avail them. Some of the localities and housing schemes where you can find plots of various sizes and prices are mentioned below:

  • Pine City
  • Pir Sohawa Road
  • Khanpur
  • Sarai Gadai
  • Dheenda Road
  • Khanpur Road
  • Karakoram Highway
  • Model City
  • Hattar
  • Sarai Salah
  • Kot Najibullah
  • Panian
  • Khalabat Township
  • Bagra
  • Circular Road
  • TIP Housing Society
  • Main Bazar Road

Sale Price Trends in Haripur

Prices of things anywhere do not remain constant for long. They change with time and when it comes to real estate, here prices seem to be highly fluctuating. Prices here depend upon the facilities available in an area. If it is a gated community with all the basic facilities of gas, electricity and foolproof security then obviously, it will charge you likewise. But relatively less developed and with less facilities are quite less expensive. Some of the general trends from the bare minimum to the approximate maximum are given below:

5 Marla in PKR _________________ 5 to 40 lac

8 Marla in PKR _________________ 10 to 50 lac

10 Marla in PKR ________________ 15 to 70 lac

1 Kanal in PKR _________________ 20 to 1.5 crore

Their prices may vary as per the nature of the plot i.e. residential or commercial.

 Educational and Healthcare Facilities in Haripur

The first and foremost facilities one looks for while buying a plot are healthcare and educational facilities because of everyone things of their family children and their bright future. As they say “Health is Wealth”, so without quality healthcare facilities that do not ensure timely treatment, the labor you have done all your life is futile. Haripur in this matter is quite rich in resources, there are some quality healthcare facilities both in the private sector and the governmental sector as well.

Furthermore, in terms of education, there are some quality schools like city school, grammar school etc. for higher studies Haripur has the campuses of Allama Iqbal Open University and the University of Haripur. Also, there are institutions that provide technical education as well. So, overall the facilities of education and healthcare are quite up to the mark as some other metropolitan cities. You need not travel to another city for any education or treatment.

Eateries and Shopping Malls in Haripur

When it comes to satiating your empty belly with some delicious foods then this is the best city where you can find the best variety of food. You would find amazing taste in the restaurants like Olive Green, Kala Khan, Red Chillies and Pizza King. Apart from there you would also find fast food restaurants in the city and most importantly if you are an outsider who is visiting this city for the first time or even you are have come to settle here permanently, you must try the roadside small shops (dhabas). These are the places that introduce you to the indigenous foods of the area. I bet you would find some of the food extremely delicious.

Moreover, if you are a fashion freak and would want to check out what is new in the market? Then these are the places where you do not need to fatigue yourself too much because you are provided with some of the best international, national and local brands. You just need to have your ATM in your hand and the first mall you would enter will have all that you need. With rapid development, some very skyrocketing shopping malls have been built in the city hubs.


To sum it up,  Haripur is perhaps the best of options to invest in because it has not only got all the basic amenities of life but also it provides easy access to Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and federal capital. If you happen to be the one who travels a lot to these cities then it is the best place to access whichever place you wish. With time the prices have seen to be surging, so it is advisable to act timely and get your hand at the plot before it is too late. 

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