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Best Plots for Sale in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a beautiful city of Sindh province. After Karachi, it is the second-largest city in terms of population and a cosmopolitan hub. The population of Hyderabad in the initial days of nascent Pakistan consisted of Muhajir but later other communities also settled here making it a diverse city. Now, the city is an amalgamation of Muhajirs, Punjabis, Pathans, and Sindhis. In terms of the overall population, Hyderabad is the sixth largest city in the country. Rich in history and multi-cultural population this city is an attraction for many people who flock here not only to seek better economic opportunities but also better living facilities.

The multi-ethnic city does not discriminate who from where comes to live here rather it embraces everyone with open arms. Due to better living standards and other facilities, the real estate sector in Hyderabad is developing with bewildering rapidity. The plethora of options at one’s disposal in terms of myriad opportunities of standard living enhances the prospect of a promising life here. Over the years the real estate sector has progressed by leaps and bounds providing some sought-after amenities. Previously Karachi was prioritized over it for a living but over these years these trends have been reversed and the flow has shifted from the former to the later. You would find some well-managed gated housing societies in Hyderabad. 

Types of Plots Available in Hyderabad

Given the multifarious housing schemes that have been springing up here lately, Hyderabad is rich in facilitating you with some best options in terms of size, area and price. Be it residential or commercial plots, there is absolutely no equivocation in saying that variety speaks loud. Plots for sale here can be found in different localities among them some are best fit for commercial purposes while some are good for residential use. Unlike other cities, the real estate business here is lucrative because of its cosmopolitan nature where you have access to almost everything without much hitch and botheration. The localities are of course innumerable yet some of the distinctive ones are to be mentioned. So below are some of the areas where you can find a plot of your choice:

  • Gulistan-e-Sarmast Housing Society
  • Hyderabad Bypass
  • Fazal Sun City
  • Latifabad
  • Bismillah Prime Town
  • Abdullah Garden
  • Qasimabad
  • Kohsar Extension
  • Zafar Housing Scheme
  • Palm Residency
  • Abdullah Sports City
  • HAD Housing Scheme
  • Daman-e-Kohsar Housing Society

Sale Price Trend of Plots in Hyderabad

As stated before there are various options available for buyers in terms of price when looking for plots at prime locations of Hyderabad. The price of a plot here varies as per the size, location, and amenities provided. It is the size of your wallet that will ultimately decide the nature of the plot for you. If you are looking for affordable ones then you can find a residential plot at reasonable rates in the Gulistan-e-Sarmast housing scheme which is a government-owned project and is located in Latifabad with feasible payment plans. The starting price of a 120-sq.yd plot in Gulistan-e-Sarmast can be as low as PKR 2 lakh while the upper limit is quite unpredictable. Some of the gated housing societies with standard facilities are quite high yet they have equipped the basic amenities. So, it is difficult to assign a fix price tag to the plots here yet a general trend is usually observable. According to the general trend of prices the possible minimum and maximum are given below:

5 Marla in PKR ___________ 7 to 36 lac

8 Marla in PKR ___________ 12 to 50 lac

10 Marla in PKR __________ 16 to 75 lac

1 Kanal in PKR ___________ 23 to 1.5 crore

 Healthcare and Educational Facilities in Hyderabad

In terms of healthcare and educational facilities, Hyderabad is quite well-equipped as compared to the rest of the country. Some of the best educational institutes of Hyderabad are Isra University, Mehran College of Science and Technology, Sindh Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Science & Technology, College of Accounting and Management Sciences and Hyderabad Institute of Arts. Apart from these, there are other private institutions that are known to have a standard in the country and quite numerous of them.

When it comes to better facilities of health, the city has established numerous government and private sector hospitals to accommodate the needs of the locals as well as people from nearby areas. Some of the best hospitals in the city are The Aga Khan Maternal and Child Care Centre, Bone Care and Trauma Centre, Civil Hospital, Hilal-e-Ahmar Hospital and Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry. All of these are known for their state-of-the-artliness and provide the best possible healthcare facility.

Eateries and Shopping Malls in Hyderabad

The food lovers out there need not worry when in Hyderabad as it is full of local and high-end restaurants offering a variety of mouth-watering dishes. Starting with, BBQ Tonight, the place for all the BBQ lovers. Lal Qila is known for serving traditional dishes at lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch in a unique traditional style. The city has also a special offer for all the sea-food lovers – the ‘Palla Fish,’ which is a peculiarity of the Indus River. Moreover, one of the best things that attract people from all over Pakistan to Hyderabad is the city’s renowned decades-old ‘Bombay Bakery.’ Regardless of whether It is winter or summer, people wait for hours in long queues just to have their hands on the scrumptious cakes.

Furthermore, the city also houses Asia’s largest market known as ‘Shahi Bazaar,’ meaning Royal Market. One can find a wide range of jewelry, souvenirs, handicrafts etc. at very affordable rates. Other markets like Resham Gali, Chhotki Ghitti and others have some locally made embroidered stuff that might get your attention.

In a nutshell, Hyderabad is a city where a holistic picture of life can be seen in total comfort. Being a cosmopolitan it has all the facilities can be thought of in the 21st century and more innovations made into the real estate market with the passing day. So, make a timely move and secure your future.