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Best Plots for Sale in Mansehra

Mansehra is a nature-bound beautiful and seventh largest city in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is on the way to Gilgit Baltistan in the north. Being on a high altitude and small in population, this city presents a charming scene of natural beauty. When you travel through the roads, you would be greeted with endlessly stretched greenish plateaus with myriad shrubs dangling in the wind as if waving at you. The air that caresses you brings with not only the hypnotizing smell but also the message from nature that entails purity and serenity. It is a city that is not flat or plain that you would find in the down planes but it is plateau-like pastures when you see it from a distance. However, the areas adjacent to the roads on lower planks are quite plain enough for construction.

Moreover, Mansehra, unlike the other cities of KPK that lead to the whole of KPK, is located in the opposite end bordering with Gilgit Baltistan. So, it is more close to areas in GB than in KPK. One of the chief features of Mansehra from a business perspective is its proximity and road linkage with Gilgit Baltistan. It sees off and welcomes all the traffic in the Karakoram Highway greatly enhancing the prospects of commercial plots here. People here are mostly prefer business. Even a roadside cart of fruits is highly availing here. Being on the juncture of KPK and GB infrastructure here is quite appreciable. Real estate in Mansehra is not as thriving as other cities but you can find plots at different localities here. Since the upper planes are not feasible for commercial purposes and can only be used for residential purposes. Likewise, the down planes can be used for commercial purposes and of course residential purposes as well.

 Plots for Sale Available in Mansehra

As stated above the luxury of multiplicity that you enjoy in other cities is not likely to be exercised here owing to its limited scope. Unlike the endlessly stretched planes in other cities here, you would see steep plateau-like land. However, it is not like the whole area is like that but the majority of it. You would find plots of various sizes fit for both commercial and residential purposes in the down planes. Mansehra has some local realtors and housing societies that offer a considerable variety from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. The prices certainly vary as per the locality and the facilities there. Although the household real estate names are extinct here you would find some local property dealers and realtors who can help you out in choosing a plot for you. Some of the localities where you can easily find plots are given below:

  • Baidara Road
  • Karakoram Highway
  • Ghazi Kot
  • Pakhwal Chowk
  • Oghi Road
  • Dhangri Chowk
  • Mansehra Bypass Road
  • Green Housing Society lers
  • Ghazi Township
  • Garhi Habibullah
  • Lassan Nawab Sahib Road

Moreover, you can also find plots in other areas where proper housing schemes and real estate actors are yet to set their footprints.

Sale Price Trends of Plots in Mansehra

It goes without saying that the facilities and locality of an area primarily determine its rate. The better the facilities, the higher is the price. Since Mansehra is not very developed and lacks major healthcare and educational facilities and comparatively the prices here are quite affordable. With time there has been a substantial uptick in the prices and people prefer to live in this city. It is quite difficult and irrational to fix a price as they change with time, however, the general trend can safely be talked about. So, given below are the prices one would anticipate approximately:

5 Marla in PKR ______________ 9 to 22 lac

8 Marla in PKR ______________ 12 to 30 lac

10 Marla in PKR _____________ 14 to 45 lac

1 Kanal in PKR ______________ 30 lac to 1 crore

Educational and Healthcare Facilities in Mansehra

Since it does not have a huge population and neither is it a metropolitan like Karachi and Lahore, facilities here are not that varied. You would find some good schools for your kids like city grammar school, Allied School, Iqra School and numerous other quality private schools and colleges like Mansehra Tibia College, Abbott Law College Mansehra, and Government College of Management Sciences, etc. moreover, you can also find Hazara University in Mansehra and Virtual University campuses.

Furthermore, in terms of healthcare, Mansehra offers the facilities of hospitals like Fauji Foundation Hospital, Mansehra Medical Complex, Dental Care Clinic Mansehra, Waleed General Hospital etc. these healthcare facilities are well-equipped and are mostly in the center of the city. So you need not worry about your health being in this city.

Why You Should be Buying a Plot in Mansehra?

Primarily, there are two purposes of buying a plot i.e. either you buy it for residential purpose or you buy it for commercial purposes. In either case, Mansehra is the best. For residence, it has the best natural environment free of pollution and bedecked with natural beauty all over. For commerce, it is on the Karakoram Highway with a heavy influx of traffic. All the tourists or travelers who go to Gilgit Baltistan pass through Mansehra and usually this is the stopping point for vehicles to have a rest. If you are one who has expertise in the hotel industry or intends to open one this is perhaps the best spot for such an initiative. 

Additionally, it is in close proximity to Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan and the federal capital Islamabad. You can have a transport facility to all these areas easily available here. Paramountly, imagine the charming natural scenery here. If you are one of the nature lovers and want to explore nature then trekking and hiking here is just matchless. So, it is a beautiful amalgam of nature and an urbanized locality. Where you enjoy nature being in the growing capitalistic and highly materialistic world. Now, it remains with you to decide whether you buy a plot here or go with the second thought.  


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