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2000 Plot files available for sale in DHA Quetta
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2000 Plot files available fo...

DHA Defence - Quetta

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DHA Defence - Quetta

Updated on 27-07-2023

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Best Plots for Sale in Quetta

Quetta, the capital city of Baluchistan, is a magnificent city nestled in magical valleys near the feet of beautiful mountains and a perfect place to live in. Quetta which was perceived to be backward until the recent past has now fast become the next development frontier in Pakistan. The city’s history can be traced back to more than a century and offers treasures of historicity. Since 2019 there has been almost a paradigm shift in the development and real sector of the city. It has witnessed some dramatic changes on many fronts. A tell-tale sign of the modern changes to come includes the introduction of the first ultra-modern real estate projects that have accounted for the better facilitation of its residents and have also been instrumental in pulling people from across the country to invest here. Due to the huge investment opportunities, many housing schemes have been set up in the city that offers diverse property options.

Moreover, one of the top features of Quetta is the snowfall here that offers huge potential for winter-centric activities in Pakistan. In terms of the look and aura, the city is surrounded by steep mountains on all sides offering a sight of a fortress. The most famous mountains here are Koh-e-Murdar, Zarghun and Chiltan. Tourists from all over Pakistan come to visit this winter wonderland and entertain themselves with the rare feast of natural scenery here. Quetta along with real estate investment has huge potential for other businesses as well. It is hub of trade that goes out to other cities of Pakistan.

Societies in Queetts for Plots Sale

  • DHA Defence
  • Airport Road
  • Samungali Road
  • Zarghoonabad Housing Scheme
  • Nawai Killi Bhittani
  • Nawakili Road
  • Garden Town
  • Wapda Colony
  • Baleli Road
  • Baba Fareed Housing Scheme
  • Quetta Avenue
  • Shalkoot Housing Scheme
  • Kasi Road
  • Defense Officers Housing Scheme

Sale Price Trends of Plots in Quetta

Since Quetta is highly odd in terms of development that means that areas in the center of the city or in very close proximity of the city are quite expensive whereas the areas that are a bit away from the city are low in cost. The big difference between cots is because of the development and facilities. Also, these costs vary in different housing schemes as per their facilities. The general trend of price ranges from possible low to possible high are depicted lelow:

  • 4 Marla in PKR __________ 15 to 60 lakh
  • 5 Marla in PKR __________ 17 to 75 lakh
  • 8 Marla in PKR __________ 20 lakh to 90 lakh
  • 1 Kanal in PKR __________ 30 35 lakh to 1.6 crore

Accessibility to Quetta

You need not worry about traveling because the city is well connected to the rest of the country via road and rail networks and has an airport as well. Quetta International Airport is just 15 minutes from the city, and daily trains are also available from/to most major cities. The highways connecting Quetta to the rest of Pakistan are well-maintained, and a lot of people consider a trip from Karachi to Quetta by road that is full of sightseeing and adventure.

Facilities in Quetta

Despite being less developed as compared to the metropolitan cities of Pakistan, some of the housing societies like the DHA Housing scheme, provide top-notch living facilities like it does anywhere else in the country. DHA is a well-known brand in the real estate sector is committed to facilitating its customers equally where it offers its services. Since its functioning in Quetta, the city has seen a monumental transformation.  DHA believes in the development of the state of the art urban communities with the provision of secure living & a congenial business environment. It offers sustainable infrastructures and an environment that is friendly for developments coupled with essential civic facilities and centers of excellence in Health, Education & Entertainment sectors. Here you can find some standard amenities of life.

Best Places that Add to the Beauty of Quetta


This place strikes the memory of Quaid-E-Azam as it was his last abode. You can better imagine its importance from the fact that the father of the nation chose it to be his final abode. It is 125 kilometers from Quetta and surrounded by juniper trees and sloping valleys. Some of the trees are thought to be 100 years old. It also produces fruits like almonds, cherries, walnut and apples.

Hunan Lake

This is one of the most beautiful attractions near Quetta. It in was built in 1894 as a reservoir and from here starts the Urak Valley. Here one can enjoy boating opportunities, with several boats available for hire, you can navigate the calm lake and listen to the murmuring water. In order to cater to the hunger pangs of the visitors, there is a lakeside restaurant while the Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy nearby is the only training center for water sports in the province. The presents a charming natural scenery with trees that have been planted to beautify the area, while also protecting the environment. Families often head here for day trips and picnics, but hikers can also explore the surrounding areas that are full of adventure. If you are founding of trekking and hiking then it is best for you to satiate your adventuresome appetites.

Urak Valley

Urak Valley, located 200 kilometers above Quetta, is also known as the ‘Land of Orchards’. So the name iss self-explanatory that the visitors can find a wide diversity of locally grown fruits, such as peaches, apples, and pomegranates. Also, the beautiful wildflowers and roses dot the valley, with a scanty population here. The natural beauty of the Urak Valley attracts travelers from across Pakistan and is a famous escape from city life.

Hazanganji Chiltan National Park

The name of the park means “a thousand treasures” which is said to be the reference to the legendary treasures that got buried here. It is a never-miss spot as it hosts the Chiltan Ibexes and Sulaimani Markhoorss along with other wildlife. It presents the best of enjoyments that one must avail.   

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