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House for Sale in Dhoke Khabba Rawalpindi

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House for Sale in Dhoke Khabba Rawalpindi

Dhoke Khabba Rawalpindi is located near the Committee Chowk On the main Murree road. Committee Chowk is one of the busiest areas on Murree Road. Some of the renowned hotels and marriage halls of Rawalpindi are located in Committee Chowk. The Famous Raja Bazar which is one of the oldest Bazars in Rawalpindi is located adjacent to committee chowk. Main Sadder Bazar Rawalpindi which is the center of commercial and business activities in Rawalpindi is also located 2 to 3 kilometers from Dhoke Khabba. All the major institutes and business centers are in close proximity to Dhoke Khabba which has made the importance of living in the area more vital over the years. During the past few years, a tremendous development in the field of housing and construction is seen in the area.

Types of Houses and Sales Prices in Dhoke Khabba

 Dhoke Khabba is an old area of Rawalpindi city. Houses of all types are available in Dhoke Khabba. There are new houses, there are old houses. There are 2 marla houses, there are also available 3 marla houses, there are four marla houses, five marla house and up to 10 marla houses in Dhok Khabba. Most of the houses for sale in Dhok Khabba Rawalpindi are triple storey and double storey houses. A Two marla single-story house in Dhoke Khabba with two bedrooms and two baths is worth Rs 45 to Rs 50 lac. A three-marla double-story house is worth 70 to 75 lacs. A two-marla double-story house is worth Rs 55 to Rs 60 lacs. A three-marla triple story house in dhoke Khabba is worth around Rs 95 thousand. A four marla double story well-furnished house with all basic necessities available is worth Rs 1.10 crores. A four marla triple story house is available at Rs 1.40 crores. A six-marla single-story house in dhoke Khabba is worth 1.2 crores. A 5 marla triple story house in Dhoke Khabbah with all amenities is worth Rs 2.8 crores. A 10 marla triple story house with 8 beds and 9 baths is worth Rs 3.5 crores.

Benefits of Living in Dhoke Khabba

Dhoke Khabba is located in close proximity to the main business centers of Rawalpindi like Raja Bazar, College Road, Banni Chowk, Saddar Bazar so it suits the business class of the area the most. Main Educational Institutions of Rawalpindi like Gordon College are located within a walking distance of Dhoke Khabba. Renowned Liaqat Bagh is also within walking distance from here. Fatima Jinnah Women University, Sir Syed College, and other famous educational institutes are located in close proximity to Dhoke Khabba. District Headquarter Hospital Rawalpindi is also located within the 2-kilometer range from Dhoke Khabba. Some of the popular eateries of the city like Qasr-e- Shereen, Fish points, Murgh Palau, and Restaurant remain open till late at night. Buses of all government offices and colleges and universities get past the area on daily basis.