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Houses for Sale in Raheemabad Rawalpindi

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Best Houses for Sale in Raheemabad Rawalpindi

Rehanabad, located on main Murree Road near Satellite Town Rawalpindi is one of the favorite places to live for the ones who want to enjoy all the luxuries of life in close proximity to their residence. The housing plan and structure of buildings in Rehmanabad are more or less the same as we find in Islamabad. The area has developed rapidly over the past few decades owing to the massive development and business activities in the adjacent federal capital. The residents of Rehmanabad enjoy a luxurious lifestyle as the roads and streets in the area are neat and clean and they don’t have to be stuck in the otherwise congested environment in other areas of the city. From basic necessities to accessories everything is in abundance in the surroundings of Rehmanabad. Houses for Sale in Raheemabad Rawalpindi look for an investor which is the best option today. 

Why Buy/Sell Houses in Rehmanabad Rawalpindi

Rehmanabad is one of the best places to live in Rawalpindi so the prices of the houses in the area are much higher as compared to other nearby areas of Rawalpindi. In the same way, the houses in the area are usually large and more than 10 marlas and up to 2 kanals but there are also houses of 4 marla, 5 marla, and six marla houses in the area. Similarly 7 marlas, 8 marla houses are also available in Rehmanabad. Usually, a 5 marla house in the area is worth 2 crores to 2.2 crores. A six marla house in Rehmanabad is amounting to Rs 2.5 crores and a seven marla house up to 3 crores. 10 marla house in Rehmanabad is worth 4.20 crores and a twelve marla double story house in the area is 5.50 crores. A Kanal house in Rehmanabad is usually 10 to 12 crores.

Benefits of Buying a House in Rehmanabad

We know that the main reason behind the rapid development of Rawalpindi is the ideal location of the city. Being adjacent to the capital the residents can reach Islamabad from here in only a few minutes especially when it comes to Rehmanabad which is located on the main Murree Road. The residents of the area also enjoy the educational and health facilities at their doorstep as the major college's schools and universities of Rawalpindi City are situated within walking distance from Rehmanabad. There are a lot many sources of recreation and entertainment in the area and even the famous Murree Hill Station is only 45 kilometers from Rehmanabad Rawalpindi.

Education, Health and Recreation in Rehmanabad Rawalpindi

There are a lot many top-class educational and health Institutions in the surroundings of Rehmanabad. The Rawalpindi Women University, Arid Agriculture University, Women Degree College, Boys Degree College, and Punjab College of Commerce are all located within a walking distance of Rehmanabad. The Famous Benazir Bhutto Hospital and Holy Family Hospital beside a number of private medical centers are situated in the area. Nawaz Sharif Park and Children's park in the commercial market is also a 10-minute walk from Rehmanabad.