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Houses for Sale in Raja Bazar Rawalpindi

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Houses for Sale in Raja Bazar Rawalpindi

 Raja Bazar is one of the busiest bazaars in Rawalpindi. Located right at the heart of the city the Bazar is a hub of commercial and business activities in the 4th most populous city in the Punjab Province. The area is always full of people. The history of the city has its traces back to some 5 hundred years when Raja Bazar was the only Bazar in Rawalpindi city and the people from  There are markets of almost all necessities of life. The people from far-flung areas including Azad Kashmir visit Raja Bazar to buy their necessities. All markets of Grocery items, crockery items, clothing, building materials, Medical equipment,  Medicines, Fruits, and vegetables are available at the lowest possible rates. The area has provided business and employment to thousands of people besides providing a sound residence in the vicinity of Raja Bazar where all the amenities are available at their doorstep. Raja Bazar has close proximity to the major areas of the twin cities which makes it popular among potential buyers.

Amenities and Benefits of Owning a House in Raja Bazar

Since Raja Bazar is the oldest Bazar in the Rawalpindi city so all the necessities of life are available at a very reasonable rate in Raja Bazar. There have also been set up the most modern shopping malls and business centers. The wholesale Markets of Raja Bazar not only cater to the needs of the twin cities but are also beneficial for the people of Hazara Division and Azad Kashmir. The major markets of Raja Bazar include City Saddar Road, Trunk Bazar, Bara Market, and Kashmiri Bazar. The Major Educational and medical institutes of Rawalpindi are also in close proximity here. Renowned Gordon College is located in Raja Bazar. District Headquarters Hospital is also located in Raja Bazar. There are also many mosques, Churches, and a Temple in Raja Bazar.

Sales Price Trends in Raja Bazar Rawalpindi

Raja Bazar is the most popular Bazar of the city which ensures the availability of all necessities of life in close proximity which makes the area popular, especially among the middle class. The Business class of the Bazar Prefers to live in nearby areas and there are some the fantastic and reason-able houses available for sale in Raja Bazar. Usually, there are double story and triple story houses in Raja Bazar.  A 3 marla triple story house in Raja Bazar with 5 bedrooms and three washrooms is available around 1.35 crores to 1.45 crores. A 5 marla double story house in Raja Bazar with 4 bedrooms, 2 drawing rooms, and 4 bathrooms is worth around Rs 1.6 crores to Rs  1.8 crores. A 4.5 marla house with 8 beds and 5 washrooms, parking, and terrace. All amenities including school, masjid, and hospital markets nearby are worth around 1.5 crores. A 10 marla single-story house in Raja Bazar Rawalpindi is worth Rs 2.75 crores and a 10 marla double story house is available for around 3.50 to 3.90 crores.