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Houses for Sale in Satellite Town Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is one of the major and well-known cities of Pakistan. Its history and culture trace back to c1000 BC. The signs of the world’s oldest civilizations are found in Taxila Rawalpindi. Before the creation of Pakistan, the city was ruled by followers of several races and religions including Buddhas, Hindus, Mughals, and Sikhs before finally being taken over by Britain in 1849. There are two main roads in the city namely GT Road and Murree Road. The GT Road passes through the cantonment area and to the Main Mall, Sadar Rawalpindi and the Murree Road separates the northern region of the city from the Mall and leads towards Islamabad. Kashmir Road, Liaqat Road, Saidpur Road, College Road, Circular Road, Khana Road, and Kurri Road are the famous roads of the city. There are certain famous bazaars in the city which are visited by the people from the length and breadth of the Potohar region.  Raja Bazar, Commercial Market, Sader Bazar, Moti Bazar, and Kashmiri Bazars are some of the most prominent bazaars of the city. There are a number of hotels and eateries, religious and cultural sites beside reputed educational and health institutions in the city. Of the various settlements and communities in the city, Satellite Town Rawalpindi turns out to be one of the best places where one can have a peaceful and enjoyable lifestyle in Rawalpindi.  So, you are planning to live in this area. The Houses for Sale in Satellite Town Rawalpindi are available for you at the lowest prices. 

 Why to Buy/Sell a House in Satellite Town Rawalpindi

Satellite Town is situated not only in the heart of Rawalpindi city but also located at a few minute drive from Islamabad which adds to its importance to a great deal. It is enveloped by the wide and famous roads from all around. Murree Road, IJ Principal Road, 6th Road, 7th road, Asghar Mall Road, and Saidpur Road are in the surroundings of Satellite Town. There are famous educational institutions in Satellite Town Namely, Rawalpindi Women University, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Barani Institute of Information Technology, Govt Degree College for Women B Block, Govt Degree College for Women F Block, Degree College for Women Murree Road, Post Graduate College for boys Satellite Town, Govt Post Graduate College for boys Asghar Mall. Punjab College, Kips Academy, Torcia Academy, and many other renowned educational institutes. Similarly, Holy Family Hospital is one of the largest Hospitals in Rawalpindi. There are several private hospitals and clinics in Satellite Town and the most prominent doctors of the twin cities. Due to its close proximity of Satellite Town to Islamabad and its neat and clean and wide roads Satellite Town turns out to be one of the most precious and valuable and posh areas of Rawalpindi.

Usually, we have houses of comparatively large sizes in Main Blocks of Satellite town but there are also houses of almost all sizes available in Satellite town. The most common sizes here are between 12 Marla to 1 Kanal. There are also houses of 5 Marla, seven Marla houses, 8 marla houses, 10 Marla Houses, and 12 Marla Houses. A twelve Marla house in Satellite Town ranges between 5 crores to 9 crores depending on the location of the building. 5 Marla house in around 2.3 crores and 7 Marla house around 2.9 crores. A well-furnished 14 Marla House in a better locality is worth 12 crores. It is however pertinent to mention that the rate of the houses varies significantly in view of the location and structure of the house. But it is also to be mentioned here that the Houses here are usually neat and clean, the community is peaceful with no hustle and bustle in the streets making Satellite Town a remarkable community in Rawalpindi. The Standard of the main Blocks of Satellite Town, no doubt, is almost equivalent to that of  Islamabad.