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House for Sale in Faisal Hills Taxila

The feeling of safety and security at home is found nowhere. You would agree with me on this I suppose, Do you? Yes, you do. So, for that you need to have a house first or you might be a having a house but old one, a new house equipped with modern facilities is a must requite these days. The question is how and where to find it? You need not worry. We have brought for you the house of your dream in the most prestigious location in the capital – Faisal Hills – a location that has all facilities one can expect in a modern housing society. Along with premier amenities, the location is equally appealing. Have a read!

Price Trends in Faisal Hills, Taxila

It is a fact that prices in any locality are reflective of the amenities and primacy of the location. The ideal the location with better facilities, the expensive it is and vice versa. On those lines Faisal Hills is a modern housing society where standard and quality reign supreme, so the rates are accordingly set. Just to give you a rough idea, few stats are listed below:

5 Marla house with 5 bedrooms and 5 washrooms in PKR _________________ 85 Lakh

8 Marla house with 5 bedrooms and 6 washrooms in PKR _________________ 92 Lakh

10 Marla house with 5 bedrooms and 6 washrooms in PKR ________________ 98 lakh

1 Kanal house with 6 bedrooms and 6 washrooms in PKR _________________ 1.6 Crore

Make sure that the stats given above are of the non-executive and the executive block is much higher than these prices owing to more facilities in there. There is a huge price gap in the executive and non-executive houses. 

Key Features of Faisal Hills, Taxila 

Faisal Hills is located in the Taxila region which is considered the major industrial zone of Pakistan and you can have a beautiful and outstanding residence here within the city of opportunities. This housing society is a benevolently planned project which is surrounded by natural beauty, yielding a breathtaking view of Margalla Hills with a clean and serene environment. From better power system and natural environment to premier educational and healthcare system, here you get to avail all the facilities. 

The house with their newly-built design breath in fresh air and the decoration both inside and outside of the house make it an appealing abode. It is equipped with the latest amenities and life here is defined by easiness and comfort!