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House for Sale in Abbottabad

Abbottabad is a fascinating city in the Hazara region in the eastern part of Khyber Punktunkhwa. It is the 40th largest city in Pakistan and is commonly known as the “city of colleges”. Owing to its moderate temperature and picturesque natural scenery coupled with the facilities, it is fast attracting the attention of many investors and people influx pour in to live here. Especially in summer when it becomes very hot in down planes, Abbottabad being on a high altitude has a very conducive and moderate temperature. In recent times real estate market has flourished here catering to the growing needs of the masses and providing a wide variety and quality homes. 

Abbottabad is a serene, tranquil, and beautiful city known all over for its living-friendly environment. Along with the amazing weather, the city has some high-standard educational facilities and is a highly popular tourist spot, which means that real estate in Abbottabad is also in high demand. A hill station and highly gorgeous city is in close proximity to the picturesque Azad Kashmir.

Why Should You Buy a House in Abbottabad?

Owing to the unparalleled subtropical climate, Abbottabad is preferred as a place of residence and as a vacation destination, accounting to increasing demand for houses in Abbottabad and considerable demand for plots in Abbottabad. One of the most pleasing aspects of real estate in Abbottabad and which is quite abnormal is that prices have seldom plunged and are usually maintain constant linearity. This trend continues to be so even after the implementation of the new tax regime, as there was a consistent demand for property in Abbottabad because of genuine buyers from other cities in the region.

Moreover, people prefer Abbottabad to reside is because of its close proximity to the capital city, Islamabad, and also the readily availability of necessary utilities such as eateries, gas, and electricity. While most hill stations do not enjoy the utility connections, however, most areas in Abbottabad have gas and electricity connections, making the experience of purchasing property in Abbottabad more convenient.

Distance from Islamabad-Rawalpindi and Peshawar 

Abbottabad is 120 kilometers (75 miles) from Rawalpindi-Islamabad and about 150 kilometers (93 miles) from Peshawar. It’s this proximity to the federal capital and provincial capital further makes it an important and adds to the desirability to live here. Transport from any city and to any city is easily available here with well-carpeted roads.  

Types of Houses in Abbottabad 

Similar to the real estate trends in other cities of Pakistan, the prices of houses fluctuate here too. However, the prices here are believed to be less volatile. The smallest one starts from 5 Marla and goes up to 1 Kanal and the prices vary as per the area. The low-lying planes owing to the risk of flood in monsoon cost less comparatively while the high-lying planes are free of risk and cost a bit higher. Moreover, since it is a hill station, you can have a spacious area with a picturesque view provided that your pocket is thick. 

Facilities and Amenities in Abbottabad 

Abbottabad has world-class healthcare facilities, ensuring that residents an effective and timely medical treatment. This significantly adds value to the already charming city and further accounts for the attractiveness of this hill station as a potential place of residence, and thus causing the real estate to flourish leaps and bounds in Abbottabad. Additionally, one of the pluses is its very low crime rate that is why houses in Abbottabad are generally safe and secure which is a very important factor, leading to an escalation in the prices of property in Abbottabad.

In terms of shopping malls, although the city has an adequate commercial sector, yet as compared to other cities the options are quite limited that need to be fulfilled by the real estate actors. Given the increasing population of the city because of the migration of residents from other cities of Pakistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular, there is a dire need for appropriate shopping and recreational facilities to better facilitate the public.

Since it is a hill station and a known tourist destination, so the hospitality industry has boomed substantially here. Abbottabad real estate offers some high-end hospitality facilities including hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, and other similar facilities. With a score of tourists, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, and even apartments in Abbottabad can offer an adequate return in terms of rental income.

Popular Localities in Abbottabad

Some worth-seeing localities in Abbottabad include Jhangi Syedan, Sir Syed Colony, Habibullah Shahzaman Colony, Jinnahabad, Bilal Town, and others. All of these residential projects offer a variety of options in terms of ready-made houses and also plots. One can have a desired house or plot in these fascinating localities and live his/her life in the lap of nature here.

Property in Abbottabad located in low-lying areas entails a risk of floods during the monsoon season while investors can rest assured that the price of the property in these areas usually enjoys a steady increase or remains constant and the necessary precautions are also in place to avert ant such mishaps due to floods. Furthermore, Abbottabad, the city of all seasons, also experiences snow in December/January, creating a need for adequate heating in these months. 

Gateway to Gilgit Baltistan 

All the traffic and tourists who visit the exotic mountainous beauty of Gilgit Baltistan pass through Abbottabad. It says welcome and good bye to all those who travel through this route. So, being in the close vicinity of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Fascinating Kashmir, and gateway to Gilgit Baltistan, it serves to be the best place to live. Given the CPEC that would pass through it, the prospects of it becoming a much desired city is unmistakable. It is this multi-layered attraction that pulls people to invest in Abbottabad and live a life of luxury full of joy and mental peace. 

If you are sincerely looking to buy a house in Abbottabad then it is the best time to make the investment because as time goes by the price also go up. 

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