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10 Tips to Easy Air-Conditioner Repairs at Home

10 Tips to Easy Air-Conditioner Repairs at Home

Intense heat and extreme weather conditions speed up the use of air conditioners. However, continuous usage might affect their working. Sometimes it gets hard to find a professional for repairing. This may also be very costly. Many times, your issue is something simple to resolve. 

The units might stop working for the most basic of reasons because of heavy loads. It can be very stressful to pay a handsome amount to a technician for just turning on a breaker. So, we have listed some of very basic tips for air conditioner repairs that you can undergo before contacting any professional, These inspections can also save you money.

Best Easy Air Conditioner Repairs Tips

Examine the Breaker

Your breaker may have tripped if the device won't turn on at all. If there are various appliances working at a time like heavy power induced machines and other items on the same breaker, the breaker is more likely to trip. The process can be frequent in nature.  This prevents the air conditioner from working. It is a simple check that can save you time, money, and perhaps mental stress. 

Observe the Thermostat

It is another very important fact to effect the working of AC. It gets very pricey for consulting a professional in this particular regard. You just need to replace the batteries with fresh ones. And set the temperature below normal room temperature to observe the thermostat.  

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Change your Filters

A variety of problems can easily be induced with a clogged and blocked filter. Their replacement and maintenance on normal basis can save your AC from numerous problems and faults. The overall efficiency of air movement can easily be reduced by lack of air movement. And filter is the primary source of air movement. A blocked filter with dirt and extra particles can bring frosting and complete blockage at times. Therefore, the running filters should be examined and checked frequently.

Defrost  Ice


 Frosting is the major issue faced by AC users. This results in lack of cooling. However, the procedure to melt the ice is very easy and simple. To operate mere fan and let the ice melt on its own is a one way to do so. Although, turning off the system and letting the ice melt on its own is another way. 


Give it a Good Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the best tips for easy air conditioner repair. The system of air conditioner gets pigmented, dusty and unclean with continuous usage. A mild and simple cleaning can easily enhance its processing level. The outer fan blades are very easy to dust off. Other than that, the fins of condenser can also be cleaned with a little effort. It is considered to be very risky to clean and dust the blades off. This requires extra care. The blades can easy be bent and broken, making the procedure very cautious. 
Therefore, make sure the system is turned off completely. And use the proper safety tools with complete focus to avoid any mishap. 


Examine your ducts

Ducts are very essential parts in completing the working of any machine. These ducts get dusty or any other extra material might provoke the movement of air in them. The dust and extra particles serve as friction to air. So, there is a dire need to clean them up without any delay. 
Sometimes, the register working is also closed completely or partially. This can only be evaluated after a thorough survey of ducts. 
Any sucking pump or a  normal air blower can be utilized in this regard. Once the air pressures the tubes, the dust or the filth will move against the ducts, making them clear and clean.

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Fix Leaks

It is one of the most common problem in faced by people having ACs at home. The clogged condenser can be cleaned at home, but the task is a little tricky. You have to follow step by step directions with proper attention and care.  Mostly, the major signal of a clogged condenser is zero cooling despite filled gas level. 

Firstly, you have to remove the plastic body, then find the drainage pipe while detaching the tape from the hose. Now, place an empty vessel underneath for water. Finally, install vacuum nozzle on both hoses to suck all dirt.


Optimize Airflow

 Just make sure that all the ventilation is free and not blocked. It is one of the most underrated tip to enhance an air conditioner’s working. You can simply limit the traffic in room, or seal the room while it is turned on. You can also examine your window or wall cracks. 
These small and negligible differences can vary the working and effectiveness of your air conditioner. 


Examine the Evaporator Coil

The location of evaporator coil might vary from one model to another. So, it is worthy to check the system’s handout or manual earlier. Mostly, it is the part of wall unit, on the top of furnace. 
The process of cleaning is a step by step procedure but not too difficult to handle. Start from detaching plastic body, to removing screw under wind blades. Shake the sprayer, and spray all over the evaporator coil. You will notice foam building up there. Now, wait for it to soak and reverse the steps to put the AC back.


Inspect Insulation Pipes

If you have noticed any cracks or stripped insulation, replace it immediately.  But, remember to follow all necessary precautions to avoid hazards.   Measure the length of the wire after switching off the system completely. And purchase a new one to replace.  This wraps up the most convenient and simple tips to repair and upgrade the working of ACs at home. These convenient and easy ac repair tips can help you in saving good dollars. However, avoid putting so extra force on any part, you can end up breaking it. So, just be confident and easy while doing it on your own. Hope you enjoyed! 


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