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Starting a Business in UAE & “ VISA For Life” Initiative

 Starting a Business in UAE & “ VISA For Life” Initiative

How to Start Business in UAE Under the “ VISA For Life” Initiative

After the global pandemic "COVID-19," inflation struck shortly after, making future financial planning imperative. In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with considering your options. Hereunder, we have provided you with comprehensive details about investment options in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that might fit into your budget.

"VISA FOR LIFE": A STEP Towards a Brighter Future

The creative "Visa for Life" program was recently introduced by the United Arab Emirates, with assistance from RAKEZ, the free-zone authority. This project is even more significant because it is a very affordable investment opportunity, since the service can be had for only PKR 1.25 million (AED 16,500) every year.

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The Visa for Life offers several benefits for an annual payment of AED 16,500, including:

1. A pan-UAE residence visa

2. Ensure the third-party visa was processed

3. The Immigration/E-channel file

4. Health services (examinations)

5. An ID card issued by Emirates

6. Preapprovals for business licenses

7. Divide access to workstations


The following guidelines should be adequate to help you comprehend the precise ways in which "Visa for Life" makes a big difference:

  •  Family Members Who Sponsor
  •  Provide a family sponsor for studies, jobs, and residency.
  • Permit family members to reside, work, and pursue education within the nation.
  • Look at Business Possibilities
  •  Take advantage of changing market opportunities.
  •  Investigate business opportunities with little out-of-pocket.
  •  Open a UAE bank account and apply for a personal loan.
  •  To conduct financial activities, open a UAE bank account.
  •  To ensure financial flexibility, take out personal loans for things like property or schooling.
  •  Acquire Medical Insurance Protection
  •  Obtain health insurance to receive complete medical care.
  •  Guarantee that you can get high-quality medical care.
  •  Place Kids in Educational Facilities
  • One should enrol kids in top-notch schools.
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      Benefit from Visa-on-Arrival

1. The ability to obtain a visa upon arrival at travel locations.

2. Easy access and travel to destinations such as Armenia, Georgia, the Maldives, the Seychelles, and more.

File a Driving License Application

1. Make driving across the Emirates easier with a valid driving licence.

2. Improve work opportunities where a driving certificate is required.


All associated fees are included in the price of AED 16,500, thus there is no need for further expenses. For those who are interested in obtaining the "Visa for Life," this clear and simple cost structure simplifies the procedure.

Direct application for the initiative "Visa for Life"

Those who are eager to take advantage of this revolutionary change can directly submit their demands through the RAKEZ website. Nonetheless, it is crucial to highlight that the notice does not state clearly how long this chance will be open, underscoring the necessity for interested parties to move quickly. Don't pass up the opportunity to use the "Visa for Life" programme to start a life-changing journey towards economic success in the United Arab Emirates.


In conclusion, Ras Al Khaimah's "Visa for Life" programme, made possible by RAKEZ, presents a desirable chance for starting a business in the wake of the epidemic. This investment opportunity is priced affordably at AED 16,500 per year and comes with features including pre-approvals for company licences, medical services, and third-party visa processing. With only a small initial cost, this programme generates an advantageous atmosphere for business owners by providing a residence permit and chances for family sponsorship, financial services accessibility, educational advantages, and travel visa-on-arrival rights. Continue to follow the 4dewaari Blog for additional developments!



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