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Speedo Bus Lahore, Various Routes

Speedo Bus Lahore, Various Routes

Travelling around Lahore has never been simpler because to the city's consolidated public transit system, which has been in place for a few years. In addition to the Orange Line of the Lahore Rapid Mass Transit System (LRMTS) and the Lahore Metro Bus Service (LMBS), several feeder buses—also known as Speedo buses—assist city dwellers in getting throughout the city. We have compiled a list of all the Speedo bus routes in Lahore to make your commuting easier.

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In the City of Gardens, the Speedo bus service is now available on the following routes:


Route Name From PointTo Point
Route 1Railway StationBhatti Chowk
Route 2Samanabad MorBhatti Chowk
Route 3Railway StationShahdara Lari Adda
Route 4R.A. BazarChungi Amar Sidhu
Route 5Shad Bagh Underpass Bhatti Chowk
Route 6Babu SabuRaj Garh Chowk
Route 7BagrianChungi Amar Sidhu
Route 8Doctor HospitalCanal
Route 9Railway StationSham Nagar
Route 10Multan ChungiQartaba Chowk
Route 11 Babu SabuMain Market Gulberg
Route 12R.A Bazar Civil Secretariat
Route 13BagrianKalma Chowk
Route 14R.A BazarChungi Amar Sidhu
Route 15Qartba ChowkBabu Sabu
Route 16Railway Station Bhatti Chowk
Route 17Canal Railway Station
Route 18Bhatti Chowk Shimla Pahari
Route 19Main MarketBhatti Chowk
Route 20Jain MandarChowk Yateem Khana
Route 21Depot ChowkThokar Niaz Baig
Route 22Depot ChowkThokar Niaz Baig
Route 23ValenciaThokar Niaz Baig
Route 24Multan ChungiGhazi Chowk
Route 25R.A BazarRailway Station
Route 26R.A BazarDaroghawala
Route 27BataPur Daroghawala
Route 28Quaid e Azam InterchangeAirport
Route 29Niazi InterchangeSalamat Pura
Route 30Daroghawala Airport
Route 31DaroghawalaLari Adda
Route 32Shimla PahariEk Moriya
Route 33Cooper StoreMughalpura
Route 34SinghpuraMughalpura


Let's examine the Speedo bus routes in Lahore in more detail.

Route 1: Standard Bus

Railway Station, Ek Moriya, Nawabshahr Hospital, Kashmir Gate, Sari Adda, Azadi Chowk, Texali Chowk, and Bhatti Chowk are all aligned.

Route 2 (standard bus)

Alignment: Sanda, Double Sarkan, Moon Market, Ganda Nala, Bhatti Chowk, Taj Company, Samabad Morr, and Corporation Chowk

Routine 3: Standard bus 

The following locations are aligned: Railway Station; Ek Moriya; Shahdara Metro Station; Shahdara Lari Adda; Azadi Chowk; Nazi Chowk; Pakistan Sharif Hospital; Kashmir Gate;

Route 4: Standard bus 

The following are in alignment: Walton; Qainchi; Ghazi Chowk; Defence Morr; R.A. Bazar; Nadeem Chowk; Chuni Amar Sidhu

Route 5: minibus;

Shad Bagh Underpass, Rajput Park, Madina Chowk, Lohay Wali Pulley, Badami Bagh, Lori Adda Gol Chakar, Azadi Chowk, Taxali Chowk, and Bhatti Chowk are all in alignment.

 ROUTE 6: Minibus

Babu Sabu, Niazi Adda, City Bus Stand, Chowk Yateem Khana, Bhala Stop, Samabad Morr, Chauburji, Riwaz Garden, M.A.O College, Fondous Cinema, and Raj Garh Chowk are all aligned.

Route 7:

Bus type: Standard Bus 

Alignment: Bagrian, Depot Chowk, Qainchi, Ghazi Chowk, Chungi Amar Sidhu, Mahaj University, Hamdard Chowk, Rahmat Eye Hospital, Indi Stop, Peco Morr, Kot Lakhpat Railway Station

ROUTE 8: Conventional bus

Doctor Hospital, Wafaqi Colony, IBA Stop, Hayley College, Campus Pull, Barkat Market, Kalma Chowk, Qaddafi Stadium, and Canal are all in alignment.

TRAVEL 9: Minibus

Railway Station; Hajji Camp; Shimla Pahari; Lahore Zoo; Chairing Cross; Ganga Ram Hospital; Qartaba Chowk; Chauburji; Sham Nagar is in alignment.


Bus type: Regular bus

The following are in alignment: Mehran Chungi, Mustafa Town, Karim Block Market, PU Examination Centre, Bhekewal Morr, Wahdat Colony, Naqsha Stop, Canal, Ichra, Shama, and Qartaba Chowk.

The Speedo feeder buses were launched in 2017

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Route 11 (Standard bus) 

Babu Sabu, Nazi Adda, City Bus Stand, Chowk Yateem Khana, Scheme Morr, Flat Stop, Dubai Chowk, Bhekewal Morr, Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Campus Pull, Barkat Market, Kalma Chowk, Liberty Chowk, Hafeez Centre, Mini Market, and Main Market, Gulberg are all aligned in this way.

Route 12 Standard bus

 kind of alignment: R.A. Bazar, PAF Market, Girja Chowk, Afshan Chowk, Fortification Stadium, Gymkhana, Aitchison College, PC Hotel, Lahore Zoo, Chairing Cross, GPO, Anarkali, and Civil Secretariat

 Route 13: Standard Bus

The following are the alignments: Bagrian, Ghazi Chowk, UMT Stop, Khokhar, Akbar, Indi Stop, Peco Morr, Phatak Mandi, Ittefaq Hospital, Model Town, and Kalma Chowk.

Route 14

Bus type: Standard bus;

Alignment: Bhatta Chowk, BHA Nursery, R.A. Bazar, Fauji Foundation, Ali View Garden, LESCO, and Chota


The following roads are important: Hakeem M. Ajmal Khan Road, Gulshan Ravi Road, Kacha Ferozepur Road, and Babu Sabu.

ROUTE 16( Minibus)

Railway Station, Circle Road, Ek Moriya, and Bhatti Chowk are all aligned.

ROUTE 17 ( Regular bus)

Alignment: Shadman Main Boulevard; Davis Road; Jijim Camp; Railway Station; Canal; Shadman Pahari

ROUTE 1 ( Minibus)

Bhatti Chowk, Circular Road, Nisbat Road, Abbott Road, Shimla Pahari, and Alignment


Bus type: Minibus

Main Market; Jail Road; Lytton Road; Crumb Road; Lower Mall Road; Bhatti Chowk; Alignment


Minibus, alignment; Jain Mandar; Al-Mumtaz Road; Poonch Road; Lake Road; Chowk Yateem Khana 

ROUTE 21( Regular bus)

Depot Chowk, Madar-e-Millat Road, Ali Road, Baig Road, Canal Bank Road, and Thokar Niaz Baig are all in alignment.

ROUTE 2 (Regular bus)

Depot Chowk, Madar-e-Millat Road, Sutlej Avenue, Shahrah Nazria-e-Pakistan Avenue, and Thorkar Niaz Baig are all in alignment.

ROUTE 23 (Minibus)

 Alignment; Valencia; Valencia Main Boulevard; Khayaban-e-Jinnah; Rainwind Road; Thorkar Niaz Baig


Standard bus alignment, Multan Chungi, College Road, Maulana Shaukat Ali, Wahdat Road, and Ghazi Chowk are among the bus types.


Standard bus alignment; R.A. Bazar; Lahore-Bedian Road; Allama Iqbal Road; and Railway Station are among the bus types.


Alignment; Sarfraz Rafique Road; Daroghawala; R.A. Bazar; G.T. Road; Shalimar Link Road; Tufail Road


alignment; Bata Pur; GT Road; Daroghawala


Airport; Quaid e Azam Interchange; Harbanspura Road; Zarar Shaheed Road; Ita a Minibust;


Bus type: Standard bus alignment; Nazi interchange; Band road; Lahore ring road; sue wala road; salamat pura


Airport;  Daroghawala; G.T. Road; Shalimar Link Road


Minibus, alignment: Daroghawala, Chamra Mandi, Cooper Store, UET, Shalimar Chowk, and Lori Adda are some examples of bus types.


Minibus, alignment: Shimla Pahari, Durand Road, Queen Mary Road, Cooper Store, Chamra Mandi, and Ek Moriya are some examples of bus types.


 Workshop Road; Mughalpura Road; Cooper Store; Minibus Alignment; Mughalpura


Minibus alignment, Singhpura, Heatman Road, Gryphon Road, and Mughalpura are among the bus types. 


The distance determines the cost of a Speedo Bus ticket travelled and starts at PKR 20 and goes up to PKR 80 maximum. Additionally, travellers can purchase rechargeable smart cards, which allow them to simply pay for their fares and take advantage of any applicable discounts.

Timings OF SPEEDO BUS In Lahore

Seven days a week, from 6 AM to 10 PM, the Speedo Bus operates in Lahore. It's important to know that the buses follow a predetermined route, usually arriving at each station every five to ten minutes.


Are you trying to find the Speedo Bus Lahore phone number? The Punjab Mass Transit Authority invites the public to report any complaints or ideas by calling (042) 111-222-627. Here is a thorough overview of the Lahore Speedo bus routes. Follow 4dewaari Blog, Pakistan's leading lifestyle and real estate blog, to learn more about public transport in Lahore and other cities.

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Speedo Bus Lahore, Various Routes

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