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Best Real Estate Management Software’s 2021-22

Best Real Estate Management Software’s 2021-22

Are you a realtor, worried about your business, or a simple buyer who wants to know about your property? Well this article can make your life much easier and simple in many ways, do you know as we are progressing into a digital era, a computer is becoming an essential part of our daily lives, and why it shouldn’t be? These Best Real Estate Management Software’s 2021-22 are easy to use and make your life simpler, and these software programs are your solutions to go for. There are plenty of software programs that deliver the best services and you can use them to manage your real estate business. This software program keeps a management record of all your properties, tenants, dues, charges, due dates, etc. Sounds interesting, right? Well, don’t worry, in this article, we will give you plenty of software programs that you can use to manage your whole real estate business.

1.  360Workplace by Accruent

It would not be wrong if we say that 360Workplace by Accruent is an all-in-one solution for most of your real estate problems. This software program offers facility management, its maintenance record, and lease dates. You can administer most of the problems with this one software. If you want an all in all solution this software program might work for you.


There are salient advantages of 360Workplace, you can track all your vendor interactions and your schedules of your important assets. This software program works on a cloud-based data server, which means you can access it anywhere with the internet. Plus you don't have to keep a record of your inventory and your expenses calculations, 360Workplace will do that for you.


This software program is specifically designed for giant real estate business owners. So, people with startups might have a problem with it.


Its prices are not publicly mentioned, but if you are interested you can always ask for a demo and contact the customer support team for more information.

2.  Buildium’s property management software program

This software program is user friendly and one of the top picks, they provide an amazing user experience, which might be the cause of 14,000 property managers and 200,000 property owners have chosen this software program for their realty business. It wouldn't be wrong to say that this is the top-notch choice for most people. The biggest real estate companies are taking benefits from this piece of software.


This software management program can take responsibility for all your accounts, leasing, and business operations. The best part is that you can monitor all your expenses in an easy way, not just that you can also accept and make payments via Buildium’s software program. If you want to keep records of your rental applications and tenant’s screening results on cloud storage, you can also get that from this software, which makes it ideal for people who want to use these features on their website.


Done reviewers have observed that buildium's software program is relatively slower than its competitors.


Buildium's software program has a bunch of packages that you can avail of for your business. You also have an option to get this software on a monthly or yearly basis. The most averagely used package is 45 to 1,800 dollars per month while the other one is 540 to 21,600 dollars per year.

3.  Workspeed by MRI Software

This software program is one of the reliable ones in the market that is used by the realtors to manage their realty assets. This reliability is the cause that 2,700 people use this software program worldwide.


This software program solution could handle different types of problems faced by realtors in modern days. They keep a good schedule of your important assets, along with their inspections and maintenance that help you to maximize the longevity of your property. The best part of this software program is that your tenants, vendors, and engineers can request and work just with a phone application.


This software program is a very basic solution for your problems, you do not have advanced customization options, which can be a big drawback for major realtors.


The prices of workspeed are not available publicly but you can always request them for a trial package and quote a personalized message based on your requirements.

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