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Islamabad, In the second and important meeting of the reconstituted commission on Master Plan with the chairman CDA in the chair, it was decided that the commission would form 8 sub-committees to look into the issues of the federal capital. The commission in its meeting discussed different issues of the city and the public grievances in detail and decided to take the citizens on board to minimize the issues related to the environment, education, traffic, solid waste management, and urban regeneration.

According to the CDA spokesman Syed Asif Raza, the commission decided to make eight sub-committees that would discuss the above-mentioned issues in detail and put up their recommendations. The committees would take the residents of the city on- board before submitting their final reports. Public feedback will be taken through the CDA portal to mitigate their grievances. The members of the commission also decided to use a cadastral map to locate the exact position of CDA owned land and privately encroached government property. A member of the commission said, “We decided to use cadastral map for resolving issues. As now we know, what is the status of illegal housing schemes, where CDA’s land is under illegal occupation, so this cadastral map will be very helpful for us to resolve issues of Islamabad,”

The master plan of Islamabad was prepared in 1960 by a Greek firm that had recommended its renewal every twenty years. The previous government never paid any attention to this ever-worsening issue in the city, however, some 43 ill-planned changes were made but no solid step was taken to revisit the master plan. The federal cabinet in 2018 constituted a commission to bring the city back to its normal position. The commission was reformed recently but we are yet to see any solid reforms in the master plan of the city. The constitution of eight sub-committees on major issues coupled with public participation would help a lot to revise the master plan of the city.

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