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Digital Land Measurement Tools and Scales

Digital Land Measurement Tools and Scales

You are a landowner, or just looking to buy land, you know what you should do very first? Yes measure your property or land and confirm it within the land records. Now, the next question arises, how can you do that? Do not worry it is not that tough until you have the right equipment and tools. The process in which we measure the property is called surveying. In this article, we will guide you with the important tools that you need to perform surveying of the land you want to measure. Certain digital land measurement tools are expensive and some are not much expensive, it depends on your needs and how much you want to invest in equipment; if you have to measure your land quite often, we recommend you invest in your equipment, you need to make your work easy and precise.

Latest Digital Land Measurement Tools

1.    Tapes and Chains

While surveying, the most important thing is that you measure precise measurements, which is possible by the right equipment only. Now, these measuring tapes, rulers, and laser devices are much easier and more precise to use for short measurements. For long measurements, you can always go with measuring wheels, fiberglass tape, and nylon-coated steel tapes.


  • Fiberglass tape - this is mostly used by people who have to measure a spot where steel tape cannot be used. These are plastic-coated tapes, which are durable to use.
  • Measuring wheel - the measuring wheel is also called the surveyor’s wheel. It is ideal to measure the distance between two points while walking. Its measurements are not precise but are used as estimated values.
  • Nylon-coated steel tapes - these are the most used measuring tapes by surveyors because it is precise and durable. You can easily use it in harsh weather conditions.


2.    Clinometers and Compass

A compass is an important part of your equipment while you are measuring plot and land real estate properties. It helps you to always know your direction when you are measuring unfamiliar land. Compasses can be used to measure the distance between two points just by walking in that direction, while clinometers are used to find the angle or the elevation of the land.

3.    Theodolite and Transit

These tools are used by the surveyors to measure the angles of the real estate commercial properties. Both of them can measure the horizontal and vertical angles of land. Experts believe that both of them are not accurate and can be used for estimated measurements, but theodolite is considered more precise than transit, by one-tenth of the second angle.


4.    Safety Products

If you have to measure land quite often, you should keep in mind that you have to face a lot of harsh climatic conditions. Those climatic conditions are not supposed to be a barrier to your work, but you cannot compromise your health as well. That is why we recommend you to always invest in safety products, such as gloves, jackets, helmets, and shoes.

5.    Levels

Levels are an important part of your equipment and you should invest in them. These levels are used to determine the angle of elevation for the land you are measuring. You should note before buying levels that they are used in coordination with tripod stands and leveling rods.

6.    Retroreflectors and Prisms

When you have measured a distance on your land, what are you supposed to do next? Exactly you have to set a pointer at that point. For this purpose, we use retroreflectors and prisms. These systems are placed at a certain height, where it is easy to have a look at them from long distances. We recommend you use these with electronic distance measuring (EDM) to improve the accuracy.

7.    Mounts, Poles, and Tripods

Mounts, poles, and tripods are very important and one of the basic pieces of equipment that you need, no matter how many expensive tools you use to measure the levels of the land and must important real estate industry, it cannot stay there for long without a stable mount. Other equipment is also essential for precise measurement, but mounts, poles, and tripods are used in coordination with most of the equipment such as levels, prisms, reflectors, etc.

Final Remarks

At last, we will recommend you invest in the tools that are required for your work, the amount that you invest would never be a waste. You can measure the land in less time with more precise values.

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