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Emergency Declared Entry to Murree Closed Heavy Snowfall and Traffic Jams

Emergency Declared Entry to Murree Closed Heavy Snowfall and Traffic Jams

The administration of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, in the wake of Heavy Snowfall And Traffic Jams On Muree Roads, has decided to halt the entry to Murree city till Sunday. It is reported that the city has a parking capacity of around 4000 vehicles and the number of vehicles in the city right now is around 95000 resulting in a severe traffic jam. The heavy snowfall along with traffic jams compelled the administration to take immediate measures in order to avert any possible human tragedy. It is also reported that a lot many tourists remained stuck on the roads throughout the night as there was no capacity in the city to handle the massive flow of tourists. The harshness of weather in the city is reported to have claimed around twenty-five human lives. According to the details, the traffic police as per the latest reports are working round the clock to minimize the worries and woes of the masses in the city and doing their best to help the ones stuck in the traffic jam. The police have also started to send the vehicles back from Murree city to their respective destinations.

The Deputy Commissioner Islamabad shared on his Twitter account the News that all the roots from Islamabad to Murree have been closed in the largest public interest. “Roads leading to Murree from Islamabad are hereby closed in the public interest because of traffic jams and rush of visitors. Everyone is requested to plz postpone their plans for now. Entry from Islamabad will stay closed till Sunday Night” The commissioner, The DC said, has also requested the citizens to cancel their plans to visit Murree.

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The eye-catching views of the Hill station due to heavy snowfall started the 5th of January attracted lured thousands of tourists to rush towards the Hills Stations of Murree and Galyat. The temperature below zero on the Celcius scale could not deter the tourists from rushing towards the cities. A spokesman of the Galyat Development Authority (GDA) told the news sources that the tourist should avoid traveling to Galyat as the roads are completely enveloped by the snow and traffic Jams and there was no chance of clearing the roads on an urgent basis. He said, “The main highway is closed due to avalanche after heavy snowfall in Galyat”.

Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi in his statement said that in view of the ongoing emergency conditions the roads to Murree have been closed temporarily. He said, “District administration and police have been mobilized to evacuate those trapped in traffic,” The Assistant Commissioner Murree while reviewing the arrangements appreciated the efforts of traffic police and urged the tourists to follow traffic rules, avoid making selfies on the roads and keep the air pressure in their vehicles and contact emergency police helpline on 051-9269016, Assistant Commissioner Office on 0321-3219221 and Deputy Superintendent of Police, Murree on 0321-5615668 to get the latest information. Traffic Police helpline 051-9269200 could also be used in an emergency.

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