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Future Prospect of Real Estate Business in Pakistan

Future Prospect of Real Estate Business in Pakistan

The real estate industry is widely acknowledged as the foundation of Pakistan's economy. Real estate accounts for a large percentage of Pakistan's wealth, making it one of the strongest structural pillars of the country's economy, just like many other countries in the globe.  For this reason, Governments and the commercial sector both pay particular attention to this area. 

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The real estate industry has grown exponentially in recent years. In future, real estate is expected to develop at the quickest rate in Pakistan's economy due to a reviving economy, tax breaks and other favourable government policies, fluctuating gold prices, and the enormous success of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). In order to assess the future of Pakistan's real estate industry, we must first investigate the fundamentals of financial stake and investing ideology.

What Real Estate Actually Means?

We must first emphasize the term "real estate" in a wider context in order to comprehend and define it. A plot of land and any buildings or infrastructure erected on it are collectively referred to as real estate. If this phrase is used broadly, it may also refer to subsurface and above-ground air rights. Real estate, as used in business terms, includes the building, selling, and acquisition of real estate. Despite its diversity, the subject can be broadly classified into three categories: Real estate commercial, residential, and industrial properties.

 Significance of Real Estate Business in Pakistan

One of the main factors driving economic growth is real estate. Its close proximity to the economy and financial sector provides tax benefits, equity building, local and macro cash flows, one of the most important economic sectors, real estate rental and sale price fluctuations have a direct effect on the wealth of property owners and tenants as well as their purchasing power. Owing to these factors, governments all over the world concentrate on this industry as a crucial factor when planning their economies.

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For the past few decades, investing in real estate has been Pakistan's most alluring and lucrative commercial venture. It provides the assurance of reliable investment returns together with large profit margins and little risk.

Brief Summary of Business Sector in Pakistan

Pakistan, with its 220 million residents, more than 60 million workers, and expanding middle class, is the fifth largest country in the world. Of the 220 million people in the country, 36.38% live in cities and 63.62% in rural areas. The demand for housing is always rising as a result of a rise in the number of people moving from rural to urban areas and the 2.4% annual population growth rate. The construction sector in Pakistan contributes 2.53% of the country's GDP, according to the Pakistan Economic Survey (PES). Approximately 7.61% of Pakistan's labor force is employed in this area.

Dynamics of the Real Estate Business in Pakistan

Most of the real estate space Traditional real estate brokers operate in the Pakistani market, interacting with customers via real estate business cards in the local marketplaces.  With the introduction of more public-focused initiatives and the stimulation of technology in real estate practices by reputable brands like, the trend is expected to undergo an ongoing transformation.

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Real Estate Activities in Pakistan – 2023

In 2021, Pakistan's real estate market grew significantly. Due to several variables, real estate was identified as the economic sector with the greatest potential for growth. More substantial investments from domestic and foreign sources are being made, which will ultimately increase building activity and real estate transactions across the nation. However, government-led programs like the "Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme" and tax reforms were the main engine behind the real estate industry's explosive growth. Over the past couple of years, the real estate business experienced a recession due to the change of regime followed by the change of policies by the new PDM government.

 What’s the future of Real Estate?

The Pakistani real estate market is poised for unprecedented growth for a number of reasons, some of which have already been mentioned. The need for housing is rising along with the population, which means that real estate companies have excellent growth and prosperity possibilities in the years to come. Similarly, the real estate industry is expected to boost other related sectors that contribute significantly to the nation's economy. 

In addition to the promising future, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has brought about a remarkable expansion of the construction industry by way of the inflow of infrastructure development projects.

Expected Future Growth of the Sector

Even though the Covid-19 restrictions resulted in a global decline in GDP, public sector infrastructure spending, and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Pakistan's real estate industry still has a bright future because of the extraordinary reforms implemented by the Ex-PM Imran Khan's government. These reforms include improving the industry's regulatory environment, offering incentives and relief packages to real estate-related industries, and reforming the system. These reforms significantly improved the condition of the real estate business in Pakistan. 

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For this reason, the anticipated futures fueled by brisk building activity continue to be extremely positive for all parties engaged in Pakistan's real estate market.

The best time for investment in Pakistan

Pakistan has been a target for global and local investors looking to capitalize on the country's investment-friendly environment as a result of its booming economy. But when you consider real estate investing, the first thing that springs to mind is the amount of time you are investing. Do not wait another moment if you are considering increasing your savings or other financial assets, as Pakistani property demands have dropped as a result of increased taxes over the last couple of years, today's investments may yield significant financial benefits in the future. It is also expected that in the next couple of months when the new government takes charge the real estate business would flourish again. So we can conclude that when the overall prices of properties are down in the country right now, it is the best time to invest today to grasp larger benefits in future.

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