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Illegal Construction In Clifton Karachi

Illegal  Construction  In Clifton Karachi


A construction is made in Clifton which is for commercial purpose is against supreme court orders. It is 19 storey building.


19 storey building Clifton .  All change allowed  by these officials will be inspected and all working  will be made to guarantee that the land which was initially given in the Master Plan of the city of Karachi is reestablished to that status.

The previously mentioned construction, named Zamzam Arcade, is being developed on a private plot estimating 3,600 square yards where Bath View condos once used to stand. This plot — G24, Block 9, Clifton — was among a rundown of around 915 private/convenience plots changed over to business utilize that was gathered by the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) in light of the SC orders, The order issued by a court came during the hearing of a civil petition (No. 815-K/2016) about unauthorized construction on evacuee property in Lyari. No subsequent order was passed to modify or set it aside. came during the knowing about a common appeal (No. 815-K/2016) about unapproved development on evacuee property in Lyari. No ensuing request was passed to alter or save it.

According to the report, the plot had been changed over from private to business on Aug 20, 2018, a couple of months under the watchful eye of the zenith court's structure. The request read: "SBCA nor some other authority will endorse any change including forthcoming ones.

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Military Lands and Cantt Karachi Region Director Adil Rafi Siddiqui disclosed that the warning gave by the SBCA following the summit court request of Jan 22, 2019 "has never been gotten in this office". In any case, a source in the SBCA has imparted to Dawn a TCS receipt (transfer number 306026311135) to discredit this case. The receipt shows that the SBCA dispatched an archive to the chief, MLC, on Jan 29, 2019 at 12.57pm. If that was in fact the situation, why did Senior Court Associate Syed Zafar Ali on the SC's heading send an ensured duplicate of the request, dated Jan 22, 2019, to 11 beneficiaries, among them the DG KDA?

On Jan 24, two days after the court gave the mandates, the SBCA informed a quick prohibition on transformation and endorsements of building plans/NOCs on changed over plots inside Karachi division until additional orders. The warning likewise said: "All forthcoming instances of progress of land use (transformation) and endorsement of development licenses/building plans/NOCs on changed over plots will be considered to be dismissed as unconsidered." Signed by DG SBCA Iftikhar Ali Kaimkhani, duplicates of the notice were shipped off, among others, the chief military terrains and cantonments, area magistrates and SBCA chiefs "for quick and severe consistence in letter and soul".

The SBCA additionally gave a public notification dropping "all endorsements, NOCs for change of land use/development grants/consummation plans/inhabitance authentications/NOC available to be purchased and ad [etc]… ." in those situations where convenience or private plots were being put to business use. It further said: "The still up in the air to make a move of destruction/fixing any place needed in agreement with the sets of the Honorable SC."


However, what occurred before long seems, by all accounts, to be in finished infringement of the summit court's organization. On June 13, 2019, the Karachi Development Authority, the owner  of the plot being referred to, got remarkable levy of Rs9.7 million from the land owners, including destruction charge, plan sending expense, and so on The following day, KDA's Directorate of Land Management gave a NOC to the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC), posting the names of the four co-proprietors and clearly expressing that the plot was "Private/from there on popularized by Master Plan Dept SBCA".It is to be noticed that unchecked commercialization of Karachi's land — which supposedly acquires bonuses for specific lawmakers and administrators.

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