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ICT Administration Has Barred The House Owners And Dealers

ICT Administration Has Barred The House Owners And Dealers

In response to a criminal gang caught in Bahria Town Rawalpindi living in a rented house, the Owners and Dealers inform Police before Renting a House in the Capital without providing proper information to the capital police. The orders have been issued in response to the request of the federal police to improve the law and order situation in the federal capital. According to the Deputy Commissioner Section, 144 Has Been Imposed in the city for two months to force the owners, dealers, and brokers not to rent out a house without submitting the details of the tenants to the capital police. The detailed information includes the rent agreement, the NIC of both the tenants and the owner their photographs, and details of the dealer are involved. The ID card and phone number of the tenant are also mandatory while submitting details to the police on the prescribed pro forma issued by the SSP Operation Islamabad.

The DC Islamabad said that after the criminal gang of robbers got caught residing in phase VII of Bahria Town the ICT administration suspects the possibility of more such groups to rent out houses in the capital to carry out their criminal activities. In view of the above, a notification has been issued by the district magistrate that states, “Miscreants tend to be involved in terrorist activities within the jurisdiction of ICT by hiding in houses/places taken on rent. In order to avert the involvement of miscreants who accomplish their nefarious activities while residing within Islamabad, it is necessary to verify the particulars of persons occupying houses/commercial properties on rent through property dealers/owners on regular basis”.

The order issued by the district magistrate further added that the decision is being taken in exercise of the power conferred under section 144 CrPC1898, “I do hereby prohibit renting out any kind of property to any person whether by a property dealer/broker/owners(s) without informing the concerned police station in the jurisdiction of which the property is situated, regarding the particulars of tenants, containing his CNIC number and phone number(s) on the prescribed pro forma devised by the SSSP (operations) Islamabad.”

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The sources also told that earlier the criminal gangs used to live in small hotels, when traced y the police they changed their strategy and started living around Nullahs and in the woods and established makeshift residences. Now they have further made a change in their policy and started living in rented houses. The capital police, the source said, after engagement of a gang of miscreants from Bahria Town Phase VII in Rawalpindi, suspects that there might be some other similar groups of the criminals carrying out their activities from the rented houses and buildings and keeping in view the same the district administration started to bind the owners and dealers to provide proper information before renting a house.

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